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SAE Media Group are proud to announce the 10th annual Smart Water Systems virtual conference taking place on 19th and 20th April 2021.
Now that the water companies’ business plans have been submitted and OFWAT have entered the next critical phase of their price review process - scrutinising each and every plan in detail to ensure they are robust enough to deliver a high quality, affordable and resilient service to customers in the years 2020-2025 and beyond.

SAE Media Group’s Virtual conference will highlight the methods the water companies are using to ensure the goals and targets that have been set are reached and exceeded. Focussing on how new technologies, IOT and Artificial Intelligence can help to produce and analyse real-time data to ensure more efficient leakage detection and management; leading to better customer engagement and subsequently decreased customers water usage.
Case Studies from Water Companies in England, Portugal, Belgium, The Netherlands, Sweden and Ireland - that are already advancing with smart network technologies and strategies - will discuss the critical need for accurate, clear and manageable forecasting for consumption of water. Looking at new technologies and innovations that show best solutions for monitoring and metering, leakage detection, understanding of customer expectations, data-collection tools and handling of 'big' data.
An update on the smart water meter roll outs that have been happening across the UK and parts of Europe will be a special focus exploring in detail the challenges and new developments of this implementation - such as increasing water demand, meter reading challenges and customer focused approaches.

Explore how innovative data collection methods from Smart Meters can create an innovative and smart infrastructure to meet the demands of the future
Learn how collaboration and efficiency of communication between utilities can enhance the uptake of innovations
Examine current projects implementing Internet Of Things (IoT) sensors in water systems to understand if future developments in strategies can lead to more efficient networks
Updates on smart meter programmes and Results of Smart Meter Trials in the UK, Spain, The Netherlands and Middle East
Understand the challenges facing water utilities after the smart meter roll out, as well as the lessons learnt
Realise how digital technology can help reduce operational expenditure in the water sector.
Determine how Data Analytics from Artificial Intelligent software can lead to more efficient leakage detection and management
Gather first hand insight into designing and delivering a programme to achieve an industry leading challenge of a 12.5% reduction in customers water consumption
Discover the best solutions to improve customer engagement and increase water reuse.
Virtual conference benefits include virtual exhibition booths packed with information, networking features to chat and share contact details with other attendees, and virtual meetings and networking socials

Aclara; Aguas do Portos; Anglian Water; Anglian Water Services; Arad Metering Services UK; Arqiva; Axioma Metering, UAB; barter4things; Bluefield Research; Bristol Water plc; Calvin Capital Ltd; CGI UK; Cisco; Consumer Council for Water; De Watergroep; DHI Water Environments UK Ltd ; Diehl Metering; DWR Cymru Welsh Water; Elster; Grundfos; Hero Labs; Itron; Janz-contagem e Gestao de Fluidos, SA; Jersey Water; Kamstrup; Kamstrup A/S; Metasphere Ltd; MetriNet an ATi UK Brand; Mueller Water Products; Northumbrian Water Group; Northumbrian Water Limited; Ofwat; Portsmouth Water; SCISYS UK Ltd; Scottish Government; Sensus; Servelec Technologies; SES Water; Severn Trent Water; South East Water; South Staffs Water; South West Water; Southern Water; Sutton & East Surrey Water Plc; Sweden Water Research; Syrinix Ltd; Thames Water; Thames Water Utilities Ltd; VA SYD; Veolia; Vitens; Water Research Centre; Water Services Corporation; Watersprint; Welsh Water; Wessex Water; Wheatley Associates Ltd; Xylem; Yorkshire Water;

Conference programme

All timings are in British Summer Time (GMT+1)

10:00 Chairman's Opening Remarks

Jeremy Heath

Jeremy Heath, Innovation Manager, Sutton & East Surrey Water Plc

10:15 AI - the leakage landscape @ United Utilities

Hannah Wardle

Hannah Wardle, Network Optimisation Manager, United Utilities

• AI & Robotics Supporting our Leakage Journey
• Working smarter not harder
• Innovation Case Study
1. Fido Tech acoustic sensor leak sizing

10:45 Non-Visible Leakage Detection at Portsmouth Water

Jamie Jones

Jamie Jones, Leakage and Smart Networks Manager, Portsmouth Water
View Bio

• What has been Portsmouth Water’s progress on our AMP7 15% leakage reduction target during 2020/21?
• What are the reasons for Portsmouth Water to reduce leakage further during AMP7?
• What options are Portsmouth Water considering to reduce leakage further during AMP7?
• How will Portsmouth Water look to achieve a 50% leakage reduction by 2050?

11:15 Morning Coffee

11:45 Challenges met and progress achieved in reducing leakage in the DCWW network

Gareth Paske

Gareth Paske, Head of Water Engineering, DWR Cymru Welsh Water

• explore some of the challenges of extreme fluctuations in water demand and managing leakage,
• explain how we have used digital technology, data intelligence, targeted communications and virtual customer appointments to help manage both demand and water losses over the last 12 months.

12:15 Digitalisation in pipe networks – From leak detection to network monitoring

Sascha Kuflik

Sascha Kuflik, Business Unit Manager Water, Seba Dynatronic, Mess- Und Ortungs- Technik GMBH

12:45 Lunch

13:30 Southern Water - methods used to reduce leaks from the network by 15 per cent over the next five years

Simon Potter

Simon Potter, Water Supply and Demand Programme Manager, Southern Water

innovations employed including ground-breaking new ‘Internet of Things' leak detection system

14:00 Dynamic Digital Twins: Improved service levels and better customer engagement

David Fortune

David Fortune, Vice President of Innovation, Innovyze

It’s all about the customer! Digital Twins capitalize on investments made in monitoring and modelling by:
• Giving comprehensive information on network performance
• Predicting likely service failures in the day ahead
• Feeding customers with valued network status information
• Stimulating customer engagement

14:30 Getting to know our customers

Yvonne Hassink-Mulder

Yvonne Hassink-Mulder, Data Scientist, Vitens
View Bio

• Part 1 – Profiling annual consumption; an analysis to identify important household characteristics related to our customers annual water consumption  (ie, water consumption related to location, type of house, garden, number of inhabitants, age, etc)

• Part 2 – Automatized analysis of chat contact concerning contact frequency, topic, and contact duration

15:00 Afternoon Tea

15:30 How Polypipe technology takes its place in the development of smart cities in the UK

John Griffiths

John Griffiths, Project Manager, Polypipe Civils & Green Urbanisation

• How is the climate changing? The message for the UK
• Current Polypipe exemplar projects
• Next generation attenuation systems: retention, storage, reuse. Adapting available space in the urban realm to help water management and build resilience
• How we build up our understanding of water response in local areas by using data sources such as sensors and radar
• Using data to better enhance our methods. Developing greater resilience in the face of climate change and landscape changes as a result of greater urban development.

16:00 Innovation through Collaboration

Matt Lewis

Matt Lewis, Innovation Portfolio Manager, Water, Severn Trent Water

• Severn Trent will share some examples of how collaboration, both within and outside the sector, has truly driven value for the business, its partners and ultimately its customers.
• Collaboration through the World Water Innovation Fund, Severn Trent’s involvement in the creation of the Water 2050 innovation strategy and creating the Centre of Excellence will be discussed.
• Update on Severn Trent’s Resource Recovery and Innovation Centre (R2IC). The centre provides a full-scale plug-and-play testbed where Severn Trent and partners can develop new technologies and undertake demonstrations and trials in a safe, controlled environment.

16:30 PANEL DISCUSSION - Accelerating the diffusion of innovation in the water sector

17:00 Chairman’s Closing Remarks and Close of Day One

Jeremy Heath

Jeremy Heath, Innovation Manager, Sutton & East Surrey Water Plc

10:00 Chairman's Opening Remarks

Jeremy Heath

Jeremy Heath, Innovation Manager, Sutton & East Surrey Water Plc

10:15 “The implementation of smart meters and data collection methods to create an innovative and smart infrastructure to meet the demands of the future”

Smart meters
IoT – LoRaWAN, experiences of the IoT-sensors so far and what we want to measure in the future
Data collection
Data security, IoT-implementation were everything is on-prem and nothing in the cloud (Internal policy’s to not use any cloud-solutions due to security)
Data analytics, AI software to detetect leaks

Victor  Pelin

Victor Pelin, Project Engineer, VA SYD
View Bio

Simon Granath

Simon Granath, Development engineer, VA SYD
View Bio

10:45 Real-time predictions of water consumptions using machine learning techniques

• Introduction
• Demand forecasting using machine learning techniques: artificial neural networks, Multilayer Perceptron (MLP), training with Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm, activation function, input features, hourly operations, training for the last 28 days and forecasting for the next 4 days.
• Real-time update of a hydraulic model: SCADA inputs, sensor mapping, hydraulic model template, automatic and periodic model update.
• Real-time hydraulic simulations and verifications: real-time modeling of hydraulic parameters, forecast of for the next 4 days, verification and comparisons, alarming, used defined scenarios.

Petr Ingeduld

Petr Ingeduld, Senior Water Supply Systems Expert, DHI Czech Republic
View Bio

Gregory Seiller

Gregory Seiller, Project Engineer, DHI France
View Bio

11:15 How much data do we really need?

Sam Bright

Sam Bright, Innovation Programme Manager, Yorkshire Water
View Bio

• Update and results from the UK’s largest smart networks pilot
• the most granular smart metering data collected from UKresidentials
• Data collection and management methods

11:45 Morning Coffee

12:15 London’s smart water meter programme

Andrew Tucker

Andrew Tucker, Water Efficiency Manager, Thames Water Utilities Ltd

• Going large!
• Smart data: re-writing our understanding of water balance
• Covid changing our water use

12:45 Using AI in smart water systems – enhanced decision making based on real time data

Pedro Vieira

Pedro Vieira, IT and innovation Director, Águas do Porto, EM

. Data integration in smart water utilities
. IoT as a central tool to gather data
. Modelling systems for usual operation decisions
. AI/ML solutions in day to day decisions and prediction tools



13:15 Networking Lunch

14:00 Lessons learned and a further look to the future

Cindy Vanderstraeten

Cindy Vanderstraeten, Project manager smart metering systems, De Watergroep
View Bio

• Working together with other water companies in Flanders
• Pilot with Fluvius at 2021 -2022
• New legislation at Flanders
• Collecting data with the electricity meter
• How does de chain between electricity- gas- and water meters going to work


14:30 Getting insight in flow patterns and water quality developments in a highly mazed smart DMA and how to manage them.

Mario Maessen

Mario Maessen, Senior data Scientist, Vitens
View Bio

• Real time modelling (quantity and quality) combined with water quality sensors and the possibilities to direct water flows within our mazed network with actuators.
• Relation water quality and residence time in our not chlorinated network so with special attention to bacterial growth
• Identifying usage patterns of individual households

15:00 Afternoon Tea

15:30 Designing and delivering a programme to achieve an industry leading challenge of a 125% reduction in customers waterconsumption (PCC) in AMP7 - 2020 to 2025

Edward Barnes

Edward Barnes, Interim Head of Demand Management, Affinity Water

• AI system that can be used to monitor the impacts of weather events and unforeseen circumstances such as coronavirus on consumption in real time

16:00 Asset Management - further analytics and examples of initiatives which have made, or are providing a step change in performance.

Frank  Van Der Kleij

Frank Van Der Kleij, Head of Asset Risk and Planning, Bristol Water plc

16:30 Chairman’s Closing Remarks and Close of Day Two

Jeremy Heath

Jeremy Heath, Innovation Manager, Sutton & East Surrey Water Plc


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GUTERMANN is a global technology leader and innovator in intelligent water loss and leak detection technologies. We are a third generation privately owned family enterprise specialising in the design, manufacture, and distribution of acoustic leak detection equipment for more than 70 years. With a constant focus on innovation, we have often been at the forefront of new product developments In recognition of our continued innovation, GUTERMANN continue to be awarded by industry peers.



Innovyze is the global leader in water infrastructure data analytics software. Its connected portfolio of solutions empowers thousands of engineers to competitively plan, manage, design, protect, operate, and sustain highly efficient and reliable infrastructure systems, and provides an enduring platform for customer success. Innovyze is a member of SWAN, the Smart Water Networks Forum, and co-chairs the Digital Twin H2O Work Group, focusing on the application of the Digital Twin to global water utility strategies.

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