SAE Media Group proudly present the 20th Annual Benelux Infrastructure Forum, once again taking place in-person and in Amsterdam. the 2022 iteration will bring together key professionals in the infrastructure, financing, and innovation sectors to discuss the latest issues and trends within the Benelux market. Through discussing specific case studies and highlighting the challenges of coordinating and operating an infrastructure project in the region from the perspective of all involved ; constructers, banks, financiers, lawyers, regulators and consultants, - the event will provide insight into the new technologies and financing options available to get the best out of each project.

The Forum will bring a specific focus on; offshore and onshore wind, the development of (green)-hydrogen capabilities along the region’s coastline, storage and integration implications for renewable energy production, new and innovative methods of financing and re-financing - from PPPs to green bonds and beyond - and digital infrastructure developments. With the accelerating pursuit of Net-Zero, the commitment to the Paris Accords, and uncertainty around oil and gas prices and provision, it has never been more important to establish and understand a coherent and coordinated approach to future development.

This well-established meeting remains the market-lead for updating delegates on developments across the Benelux infrastructure landscape and provides an unparalleled opportunity to learn from and discuss with senior executives in this dynamic industry. 

  • Join the only conference tailored to the specific issues that the Benelux region faces
  • Listen to presentations focused on the most pressing challenges facing Benelux regional infrastructure progress, including; energy transition, the accelerated pursuit of net-zero, and digital architecture developments
  • Gain insight into the projects, priorities and plans for the region's ports
  • Case study updates from major projects in the region, including offshore wind, green hydrogen, and geo-thermal perspectives
  • Exclusive networking opportunities with key opinion leaders and decision makers at the forefront of the market
  • Banks, consultants, constructors, public sector officials, port authorities, investors and financiers, developers and all stakeholders interested in regional infrastructure development, opportunities for partnership and investment, and those introducing innovative technologies that will accelerate the energy transition and increase wider efficiencies.
  • Head of Infrastructure; Managing Director, Head of Renewables, Project Manager, Programme Director, Structured Finance, Investment Director/Manager, Chief Financial Officer, PPP, Partner, Associate, Debt, Policy

Conference programme

8:15 Registration & Coffee

9:00 Chairman's Opening Remarks

Mr Jeroen Kies

Mr Jeroen Kies, Executive Director | Head of Project Finance Benelux and Nordics, SMBC Bank EU AG

9:10 An Overview of EIB Investment Priorities in the Benelux

Chantal Schrijver

Chantal Schrijver, Head of EIB Group Representation in The Netherlands, European Investment Bank

  • The future of European infrastructure
  • How the Bank can assist partners in meeting development goals and reaching net-zero as soon as possible
  • Financing models and mechanisms available
  • 9:40 Meeting Climate Targets through Investing in Improved Infrastructure

  • The EIF: Who we are and how we can help
  • Supporting our partners across the region
  • Packaging finance efficiently to maximise effectiveness
  • Adrian Zambrano

    Adrian Zambrano, Structured Finance - European Infrastructure and Portfolio Financing, European Investment Fund

    10:10 Investing in energy transition: ambitions and challenges for a developer/investor

    • Identifying the market for investment opportunities in New Energy
    • Challenges and opportunities (Technical, Legal, and Financial) for investors in the energy market
    • Accelerating solutions in the energy transition as investors

    Sebald Van Royen

    Sebald Van Royen, Managing Director Netherlands and Belgium, Invensis

    10:40 Morning Coffee

    11:10 PANEL DISCUSSION:The Potential of Green Hydrogen in Europe

    • The opportunities promised by Green Hydrogen
    • The challenges in integrating and operating new technologies
    • Investment opportunities and the path ahead

    Mr Bert Van Der Toorn

    Mr Bert Van Der Toorn, Senior Investment Officer, European Investment Bank

    Mr Lennart Van Der Burg, MSc

    Mr Lennart Van Der Burg, MSc, Program & Business Development Manager Renewable Hydrogen, TNO

    Carol Xiao

    Carol Xiao, Program Manager, Ispt

    Robbert Lagerweij

    Robbert Lagerweij, Director Project Finance, Rabobank

    12:10 Investing in the Transition to a Carbon Neutral Economy while Retaining the Economic Impact of Port of Rotterdam’s Energy & Logistics Cluster

    Mr Tim De Knegt

    Mr Tim De Knegt, Manager Strategic Finance & Treasurer, Havenbedrijf Rotterdam N V

    • Identifying transition paths that include quick reduction while stimulating innovative technologies that secure long-term viability
    • creating a cluster investment strategy to integrate bioproducts like hydrogen into existing architecture
    • Integrating digital and process solutions into your carbon neutrality strategy
    • An overview of multi-value investment-criteria used in decision making and financing models deployed to increase the speed of execution

    12:40 Networking Lunch

    13:40 Evaluating the Challenges and Opportunities for Infrastructure at the Port of Amsterdam

    Mr Jan Egbertsen

    Mr Jan Egbertsen, Manager Innovation, Port of Amsterdam

    • Effects of digitalisation on increasing efficiency
    • Accelerating the port’s energy transition with innovative technologies
    • Integrating green hydrogen infrastructure on the path to Net-Zero

    14:10 PORT AUTHORITY PANEL DISCUSSION: Assessing the Plans and Priorities for Future Port Prosperity and Sustainability

    • The future of the region’s port infrastructure requirements
    • Technological advancements driving efficiency gains
    • Integrating advanced digital solutions towards the next generation port
    • Increased opportunities for collaboration moving towards 2030

    Mr Tim De Knegt

    Mr Tim De Knegt, Manager Strategic Finance & Treasurer, Havenbedrijf Rotterdam N V

    Mr Jan Egbertsen

    Mr Jan Egbertsen, Manager Innovation, Port of Amsterdam

    14:40 Afternoon Tea

    15:10 Challenges and opportunities of Closed Distribution Systems in the Netherlands

    Mr Casper Sparreboom

    Mr Casper Sparreboom, Head of Financial Advisory , Ventolines

    • Financial challenges and opportunities of developing a private electricity grid in the Netherlands in a setting with multiple stakeholders.

    15:40 The work of the Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Alliance in Enhancing Regional Performance

    Mr Daan Terpstra

    Mr Daan Terpstra, Executive Chairman, Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Alliance

    • De-carbonising digital architecture
    • Increasing performance with sustainable investment
    • Outlining how we can help

    16:20 Chairman’s Closing Remarks and Close of Day One

    Mr Jeroen Kies

    Mr Jeroen Kies, Executive Director | Head of Project Finance Benelux and Nordics, SMBC Bank EU AG

    8:15 Registration & Coffee

    9:00 Chairman's Opening Remarks

    Mr Jeroen Kies

    Mr Jeroen Kies, Executive Director | Head of Project Finance Benelux and Nordics, SMBC Bank EU AG

    9:10 Evaluating the Current and Future State of Affairs in Benelux Hydrogen Infrastructure

    Michel Honselaar

    Michel Honselaar, Project Manager Analyst, WaterstofNet

    • Existing hydrogen infrastructure in Benelux
    • Hydrogen roadmaps in Benelux countries
    • Possible future hydrogen infrastructure in Benelux

    9:40 Green hydrogen for the decarbonisation of industry: A developer and investor perspective

    Simon Stoverink

    Simon Stoverink, Project Director, Hynamics Deutschland GmbH

    • Who we are and what we do
    • Case study 30 MW, scaling up to 2 GW
    • Investment & financing approach
    • Lesson’s learned

    10:10 PANEL DISCUSSION HOSTED BY DIF CAPITAL PARTNERS: Providing Agile Finance for the Infrastructure of Tomorrow

    Mr Jesse van Schouwenburg

    Mr Jesse van Schouwenburg, Senior Investment Director, DIF Capital Partners

    Mr Andrew  Petry

    Mr Andrew Petry, Partner, Simmons & Simmons

    Jeroen Zanders

    Jeroen Zanders, Managing Director, Macquarie Capital

    Dennis Jong

    Dennis Jong, Senior Director, DIF Capital Partners

    Martijn Snip

    Martijn Snip, Executive Director, Rabobank

    10:40 Morning Coffee

    11:10 Decarbonizing the Economy with Green Hydrogen Investment Opportunities

    Ms Barbara  Zuiderwijk

    Ms Barbara Zuiderwijk, Founder and Director, Green Giraffe

    • Evaluating business case for project viability
    • Trends in industry and the scaling effects of collaboration
    • New financing mechanisms for young industries

    11:40 HyAPC the Super Solution for a Cost-Effective Energy System that can Deal with Flexible Renewable Electricity Supply and Demand

    • Perfect solution to deal with differences in renewable electricity and supply
    • No CO2 and NOx formation and emission and no corrosive CO2 in the system
    • Can be installed in conventional gas fired power plants and is more efficient compared to existing hydrogen power solutions

    Mr Willem Frens

    Mr Willem Frens, CEO, HyAPC

    Mr Robert De Kler

    Mr Robert De Kler, CTO and inventor, HyAPC

    12:10 Networking Lunch

    13:10 Assessing State of Affairs for Benelux Energy Infrastructure

    Mr Alistair Perkins

    Mr Alistair Perkins, Head of Infrastructure and Project Finance, NN Investment Partners

    • Prioritising a diversified portfolio to enhance energy security
    • Releasing finance in alternative ways to enhance delivery
    • The role of hydrocarbons in the short-term to address shortfalls

    13:40 Financing Energy Transition Infrastructure

    Mr Andrew  Petry

    Mr Andrew Petry, Partner, Simmons & Simmons

    • Thoughts on how green energy projects become investable infrastructure:
    - Wind and solar – where are we now?
    - On-going role of support mechanisms and/or subsidies
    • What financing models are available to exploit emerging technologies in the green energy sector?
    - What are the obstacles that need to be overcome?
    - Green Hydrogen, floating wind, tidal etc

    14:10 InvestEU – On the Road to Sustainability and Recovery

    Mr Michael Feith

    Mr Michael Feith, Policy Advisor, DG ECONOMIC & FINANCIAL AFFAIRS

    • Outlining the role of the European Commission
    • Assisting clients in mitigating global realities
    • An opportunity for closer collaboration and accelerated transition

    14:40 Chairman’s Closing Remarks and Close of Day Two

    Mr Jeroen Kies

    Mr Jeroen Kies, Executive Director | Head of Project Finance Benelux and Nordics, SMBC Bank EU AG


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