The first event of its kind to focus specifically on retail financial institutions, this two-day event will show you how to harness the power of big data to gain crucial competitive advantage. 17 pioneering speakers will share their success stories through case-studies highlighting tried and tested strategies.

Why attend?

• Attend the only conference in the marketplace to focus specifically on Big Data for Retail Financial Services
• Have access to experienced financial speakers you won’t find at any other Big Data event
• Increase your business opportunities - registered attendees now include Heads of Department and C-Level executives from IT, Marketing, Customer Analysis and other departments responsible for big data and analytics from leading companies across Europe
• Learn how to unlock the value of your data and take your share of this market worth $46 billion
• Understand how to turn your organisation from a product-centric to a customer-centric Big Data analytics competitor

The conference will include case study examples from retail banking, insurance, credit cards, comparison websites, mortgages, and new entrants to the retail financial services sector from across Europe.

Topics to be covered will include:

• Evolving your organisation from a product-centric to a customer-centric Big Data analytics competitor
• Optimising information systems architecture: aligning Big Data with specific business goals to maximise value
• Using Big Data to strengthen risk management and fraud detection capabilities to improve bottom-line performance
• Combining insight from structured and unstructured data to deliver a clear and single customer information environment
• Using predictive analytics to reveal customer insights for better product and service strategies
• Improving online and offline measurement and analytics integration



Managing Directors and Heads of Department for the following professional job descriptions would benefit from attending Big Data in Retail Financial Services:

• Customer Analytics
• Research
• Business Intelligence
• Customer Marketing
• Customer Insight
• Product Development
• Enterprise IT Architecture
• IT/ IT Infrastructure
• Platform Technology
• Product Marketing
• Market Analysis and Strategy
• Data Management
• Data Mining
• Digital Technology
• Social Media Customer Engagement
• Marketing Analytics
• Fraud Control
• Customer Relationship Management
• Credit Risk
• Risk Management
• Online-Banking
• Digital Marketing
• eChannels
• Customer Service
• Data Privacy
• Single Customer View
• Business Change and IT
• Risk Management
• Strategic Marketing
• Strategic & Business Insights
• Credit Risk Management
• Decision Analytics
• Pricing
• Underwriting
• Claims Management

Conference programme

8:30 Registration & Coffee

9:00 Chair's Opening Remarks

Peter Thompson

Peter Thompson, Head of Programme Assurance & Governance, Co-operative Bank Plc

9:10 Big Data - challenges, opportunities, and limitations

Reinhardt Schink

Reinhardt Schink, Head of Market Analysis and Strategy, Allianz Deutschland
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  • Big Data as a valuable prerequisite for future commercial success – a  great tool for educated decision making  but nothing without business judgment and leadership
  • Big Data as a postmodern analytical tool – in the absence of being able to predict the future, understand your customers as well as shifts in their mindsets
  • Big Data as strategic foresight - ambiguity is not a lack of insights but an ingredient of future market successes
  • 9:50 Using Big Data analytics to inform strategic decision making

    Bernard Marr

    Bernard Marr, Founder and CEO, Advanced Performance Institute
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  • Making the collection and analysis of Big Data strategic
  • Coupling traditional KPIs with the rich insights from structured and unstructured data
  • Analysing Big Data to answer your most critical business questions
  • Visualising Big Data to inform strategic decision-making
  • 10:30 Morning Coffee

    10:50 Unlocking the value in transactional data - how banks will have to work as hard as retailers to earn loyalty

    Jan-Pieter Lips

    Jan-Pieter Lips, President, Europe Middle East Africa, AIMIA
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  • How banks can improve customer engagement through unlocking the value in their transactional data
  • Connecting the dots – how to create value from working in partnership
  • Lessons financial institutions can learn from retailers
  • 11:30 Multilingual big data - the differentiator for retail banking success in global markets?

  • Trends within the Retail Banking, how can multilingual Big Data help?
  • The risk of using monolingual Big Data to influence global business decisions
  • How does your customers’ language affect their engagement with your products
  • Brianne Moore

    Brianne Moore, Business Consultant, SDL
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    Katie Brown

    Katie Brown , Language Solutions Manager - Financial Services, SDL
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    12:10 Incorporating Big Data in your operations – integrating Big Data in a strategic way that benefits your business and improves profitability

    Peter Thompson

    Peter Thompson, Head of Programme Assurance & Governance, Co-operative Bank Plc

  • Determining the core goal for Big Data Projects
  • Propagating a taxonomy across the enterprise to realise searchable commercial insight with structured & unstructured data
  • Prioritising investments and implementing a test and learn mentality to mitigate project failure risk
  • Determine how fast and deep to proceed – determining the appropriate level and speed of investment for personnel and IT Infrastructure
  • 12:50 Networking Lunch

    14:10 Big, open, and cloudy - an open model for the creation of incremental and disruptive Big Data solutions

    Marco Bressan

    Marco Bressan, Director Big Data & Open Platforms, New Technologies, BBVA
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  • Increasing competitiveness by optimizing processes, guiding multichannel strategy and improved customer understanding
  • Supporting incremental growth through core risk, payments and customer relationship solutions
  • Unleashing disruptive growth through the open services model
  • Deploying an open, services-led infrastructure to address the challenges of cheap prototyping, time-to-market, and joint technology-business developmentcture
  • 14:50 Leveraging Big Data to drive customer engagement: Start a dialogue….with a few million customers

    Neill Crossley

    Neill Crossley, Principal Consultant, Solution Consulting, FICO
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    ·         Using Decision Management to transform your business by making every decision count
    ·         Developments in the availability and use of diverse data sources has provided opportunity to improve the understanding of individual customers, predict their needs and decide what, when and how to engage
    ·         Using client case studies, this presentation provides insights into how leading marketing teams are using Decision & Dialogue Management technologies (such as advanced predictive analytics, business rules and large scale optimisation) to automate, connect and improve customer engagement, with millions of customers

    15:30 Afternoon Tea

    15:50 Is Big Data big enough?

    Paul Edwards

    Paul Edwards, Chief Strategy Officer & European CEO, Hall & Partners
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    ·         If data is the new oil what pollution might it bring?
    ·         Do you really know who I am?
    ·         Does culture alter data?
    ·         Why? And does it matter?

    16:30 Big Data, big deal for insight? How does the advent of Big Data change assumptions and activity for insight departments in financial services?

    James Wycherley

    James Wycherley, Director, Customer & Market Analysis, Barclays Bank

  • Examining the extent to which Big Data is having an effect on defining key business issues, hypothesis-driven investigation, and communication of new findings and accumulated knowledge
  • Determining the operational and organisational issues that Big Data does not change
  • Adopting best practice in insight management
  • 17:10 Chair’s Closing Remarks and Close of Day One

    Peter Thompson

    Peter Thompson, Head of Programme Assurance & Governance, Co-operative Bank Plc

    8:30 Registration & Coffee

    9:00 Chair's Opening Remarks

    Caroline van den Bos

    Caroline van den Bos, Insight & NPS Director, Royal & Sun Alliance

    9:10 Using Big Data to identify consumers’ payment journey from cash to cards

    Tuuli Perkio

    Tuuli Perkio , Vice President, Debit Product Development, MasterCard Worldwide

  • Leveraging a 24-month longitudinal analysis of current account and debit card transactions of 5 million consumers across Europe to quantify what prompts consumers  to migrate from using cash for day-to-day purchases to using debit cards as their preferred means of payment
  • Combining data analysis with consumer insights for deeper understanding of transaction analysis, and with market-level data to understand external factors that could impact debit adoption   
  • The evolution of consumers’ debit card payment behaviour according to a clearly defined five-step framework, beginning with very limited debit usage and then progressing steadily from incidental to regular use based on a wide variety of factors
  • 9:50 Records and data - what's the difference and why do we care?

  • Why are records and data not the same thing?
  • What difference does it make to how you manage them?
  • Challenges of managing data and records in a corporate environment
  • Kate Javes

    Kate Javes, Head of Records and Information Governance, HSBC

    Sian	 Tyrrell

    Sian Tyrrell, Records & Information Governance Manager, Engagement, HSBC

    10:30 Morning Coffee

    10:50 Big Data - starting the journey with data you already have

    Patrick Glenisson

    Patrick Glenisson, Head of Marketing Analytics , KBC Banking & Insurance


    • Using Data to implement a next best-product recommendation tool for branch employees
    • Embedding data analytics in the organisation through a combination of change management and effective tooling
    • Understanding Big Data requirements through the creation of a self-service business discovery platform for marketers

    11:30 Using predictive analytics to reveal customer insights for better product and service strategies

    Adrian Hado

    Adrian Hado, Head of Insight and Analytics, Avios
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  • Analysing customer spending behaviour and product usage to target the right products and services to customers
  • Managing an ongoing reassessment of query strategy to reveal insight from customer financial transactions
  • Up-selling, cross-selling, and developing new products that customers actually want
  • 12:10 Networking Lunch

    13:30 Data-driven opportunities for profitable, long-term customer relationships

    Harvinder  Atwal

    Harvinder Atwal , Head of Customer Insight, Moneysupermarket


    ·         The importance of 360 degree view of the customer
    ·         Segmentation strategies based on transactional, behavioural, and social profiles
    ·         Providing a personalised, consistent customer experience across all touchpoints

    14:10 Panel discussion: What role will Big Data have in strengthening risk management and fraud detection capabilities?


    ·         Big data or big noise? Which data sources are valuable in the fight against fraud and to add insight into customer behaviour
    ·         How disparate data sources can be integrated into processes and controls.
    ·         Data sharing and the EU data protection reform, what is the impact for the fight against fraud?
    ·         New tools and technologies for improving authentication and security in online transactions
    ·         Alternative payments and virtual currencies, how can we adapt to rapid changes in the payments landscape?
    Darren  Hodder

    Darren Hodder, Director, Fraud Consulting Ltd.
    View Bio

    Riten Gohil

    Riten Gohil, CEO, Sphonic

    Kevin Smith

    Kevin Smith, Consultant, Kevin Smith Consulting

    Mike Bradford

    Mike Bradford, Director, Regulatory Strategies
    View Bio

    14:50 The single customer view - beyond legislative requirements to reveal actionable insight

    Andrew Bryan

    Andrew Bryan, Director, Henley Centre for Customer Management

  • Using the results of an anonymous study into financial services companies progress towards achieving a "single customer view", this session will address these questions
  • Is there a single "single customer view?”
  • How are financial services companies using Big Data?
  • What insight are financial services companies looking for from their Big Data?
  • What are the barriers to success?
  • 15:30 Chair’s Closing Remarks and Close of Day Two

    Caroline van den Bos

    Caroline van den Bos, Insight & NPS Director, Royal & Sun Alliance

    15:35 Afternoon Tea


    Head of Insight and Analytics
    Head of Records and Information Governance
    Language Solutions Manager - Financial Services
    Kevin Smith Consulting
    Director Big Data & Open Platforms, New Technologies
    Regulatory Strategies
    Principal Consultant, Solution Consulting
    Head of Marketing Analytics
    KBC Banking & Insurance
    Chief Strategy Officer & European CEO
    Hall & Partners
    Head of Programme Assurance & Governance
    Co-operative Bank Plc
    Head of Market Analysis and Strategy
    Allianz Deutschland
    Henley Centre for Customer Management
    Records & Information Governance Manager, Engagement
    Vice President, Debit Product Development
    MasterCard Worldwide
    Founder and CEO
    Advanced Performance Institute
    Business Consultant
    Insight & NPS Director
    Royal & Sun Alliance
    Fraud Consulting Ltd.
    Head of Customer Insight
    Director, Customer & Market Analysis
    Barclays Bank
    President, Europe Middle East Africa
    Managing Director
    Customer Insight Solutions

    Grange Tower Bridge Hotel

    45 Prescot Street
    London Borough of Tower Hamlets
    E1 8GP
    United Kingdom

    Grange Tower Bridge Hotel



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    CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development’. It is essentially a philosophy, which maintains that in order to be effective, learning should be organised and structured. The most common definition is:

    ‘A commitment to structured skills and knowledge enhancement for Personal or Professional competence’

    CPD is a common requirement of individual membership with professional bodies and Institutes. Increasingly, employers also expect their staff to undertake regular CPD activities.

    Undertaken over a period of time, CPD ensures that educational qualifications do not become obsolete, and allows for best practice and professional standards to be upheld.

    CPD can be undertaken through a variety of learning activities including instructor led training courses, seminars and conferences, e:learning modules or structured reading.


    There are approximately 470 institutes in the UK across all industry sectors, with a collective membership of circa 4 million professionals, and they all expect their members to undertake CPD.

    For some institutes undertaking CPD is mandatory e.g. accountancy and law, and linked to a licence to practice, for others it’s obligatory. By ensuring that their members undertake CPD, the professional bodies seek to ensure that professional standards, legislative awareness and ethical practices are maintained.

    CPD Schemes often run over the period of a year and the institutes generally provide online tools for their members to record and reflect on their CPD activities.


    Professional bodies and Institutes CPD schemes are either structured as ‘Input’ or ‘Output’ based.

    ‘Input’ based schemes list a precise number of CPD hours that individuals must achieve within a given time period. These schemes can also use different ‘currencies’ such as points, merits, units or credits, where an individual must accumulate the number required. These currencies are usually based on time i.e. 1 CPD point = 1 hour of learning.

    ‘Output’ based schemes are learner centred. They require individuals to set learning goals that align to professional competencies, or personal development objectives. These schemes also list different ways to achieve the learning goals e.g. training courses, seminars or e:learning, which enables an individual to complete their CPD through their preferred mode of learning.

    The majority of Input and Output based schemes actively encourage individuals to seek appropriate CPD activities independently.

    As a formal provider of CPD certified activities, SAE Media Group can provide an indication of the learning benefit gained and the typical completion. However, it is ultimately the responsibility of the delegate to evaluate their learning, and record it correctly in line with their professional body’s or employers requirements.


    Increasingly, international and emerging markets are ‘professionalising’ their workforces and looking to the UK to benchmark educational standards. The undertaking of CPD is now increasingly expected of any individual employed within today’s global marketplace.

    CPD Certificates

    We can provide a certificate for all our accredited events. To request a CPD certificate for a conference , workshop, master classes you have attended please email events@saemediagroup.com

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