Now in it's 11th year, SAE Media Group's Nordic Card Markets Conference provides a fantastic opportunity to learn from leading experts in this innovative area. Learn about the latest developments in the Cards Market within the Nordic Region. One of the most innovative region when it comes to Card technological developments. This year the event will focus upon the impact of new technologies, including Contactless Cards, and Mobile Payments, upon the Payments marketplace.  

This market-leading event will bring together key experts from across the Nordic Payment marketplace. This year being hosted in Copenhagen, the event will provide a fantastic networking opportunity for all those involved in the Payments industry. You will be able to make face to face contact with new business partners and catch up with associates.

The Nordic Card Markets are as vibrant as ever, but are having to adapt to novel technology trends such as mobile payments, and progress the market along side these new developments. This conference offers and in depth analysis of the Nordic Card Markets. This is achieved through a combination of focused analyses and case study examples. You will be able to increase your understanding of the subject and learn how to apply this knowledge to your business.



Companies registering delegates to this year's event so far include: Compass Plus, Cubic Transportation Systems Ltd, DNB Bank ASA, EDB ErgoGroup, Elavon Financial Services Ltd, GE Electric, GE Money Bank, General Electric, Global Blue Holdings AB, Global Refund Norway, IMAGE EXPRESSIONS LIMITED, Kreditkort hf, Luottokunta, Nets A/S, Nordea Bank Danmark A/S, Nordea Bank Norge ASA, Petsch Card Consulting, Signicat, Six Multipay, SpareBank 1 SMN, Statoil Fuel & Retail, Swedbank Card Services, Teller


Feedback on last year's event included:

“The Nordic Cards event is very interesting and is a good contribution to have different perspectives and experiences”.

“Very interesting and informative”

“Interesting and balanced presentations”


Network with key individuals from the Nordic Payments area

Identify the important issues in the development of new technologies within the Payments market 

Participate in discussion and analysis sessions - pose the questions that you want answered!

Adapt your card acquisition strategy using lessons learned at this event

Hear from an international expert speaker lineup.

Analyse both regional and global card market case studies.

Discuss the recent developments in Payments in the Nordics region

Compare the Nordics region with other payments areas 


Our key industry speaker line up includes:

  • Norbert Bielefeld, Deputy Director - World Payment Systems, World Savings Bank
  • Anneke Kosse, Policy Advisor, Payment Systems Divison, De Nederlandsche Bank
  • Bent Bentsen, Senior Advisor Group Payments, DnB NOR
  • Michael van Doeveren, Senior Policy Advisor, De Nederlandsche Bank
  • Mette Grimm Munck, Senior Manager, Cards Emerging  Payments, NETS
  • Thor Ragnar Klevstuen, Business Developer, Cards and Payments, SpareBank
  • Ugo Pietro Bechis, Chairman of the Cards and Payments Working Group, EPC
  • Pekka Markkula, Head of Service Enablers, TeliaSonera
  • Päivi Heikkinen, Head of Division, Bank of Finland
  • Hermant Bijal, Payment Systems Development Group, The World Bank
  • Andreas Melan, Group Payment Card Manager, Ikea
  • Kurt Gjesten, Senior Vice President, Pan-Nordic Card Association
  • Jes Rasmussen, Strategy and Business Development, SEB Cards.
  • Arne Vidar Haug, Business Development Manager, Signicat
  • Mikko Haikonen, Senior Manager, Nokia


Some example job titles for professionals who could benefit from attending this conference

  • Advisor to the Board, Financial Markets and Statistics
  • Affinity Business Development Leader
  • Business Developer Cards and Payments
  • Business Unit Manager Nordic and Baltic
  • Cards Department Manager
  • CEO
  • CIO
  • Deputy Director Payment Systems
  • Deputy Governor
  • Digital Business Advisor
  • Director of Contactless Systems
  • EMEA New Business Director
  • Former Head of Fraud Risk Management
  • Group Payments Card Manager
  • Head of Cards
  • Head of Contactless
  • Head of Payment Services
  • Legal Adviser on Payment Systems
  • Managing Director Nordic Region
  • Payment Systems Development Group
  • Product and Marketing Director
  • Sales Director
  • Senior Advisor, Group Payments and Infrastructure
  • Senior Manager
  • Senior Policy Advisor
  • Senior Product Manager
  • Senior Representative
  • Vice President


For sponsorship and exhibitioning opportunities, contact our Sponsorship Department.

Conference programme

8:30 Registration & Coffee

9:00 Chairman's Opening Remarks

Francesco  Burelli

Francesco Burelli, Partner, Value Partners

9:10 An update on the emerging card payments

Mette Grimm Munck

Mette Grimm Munck, Senior Manager, Emerging Payments , NETS

• Case story : introduction of a new Nordic mobile payment solution
• Contactless solutions and the experiences in the Nordics
• Opportunities within the market

9:50 Trends and Innovations in Payments

Francesco  Burelli

Francesco Burelli, Partner, Value Partners

  • Market statistics – where are we?
  • Market initiatives – what is going on?
  • Market challenges – what waits around the corner?
  • 10:30 Morning Coffee

    11:00 Self-service through the use of eSignature

  • Making the bank’s products more available.
  • 14 million Nordic citizens have an eID
  • Improves the applications processes, reducing both cost and completion time.
  • No need for physical legitimation or a handwritten signature
  • Delivered through the cloud
  • Jes Rasmussen

    Jes Rasmussen, Business Developer, SEB KORT

    Arne Vidar Haug

    Arne Vidar Haug, Business Manager, Signicat

    11:40 Payment E-volution: ABC anew

    Wim Pardon

    Wim Pardon, Director of OpenWay Europe, Americas, Africa, OpenWay Europe

    • E-Accessibility: anywhere anytime
    • E-Banking: payment platform challenges
    • E-Clients: how to serve clients in the digital world
    • E-Z: easy victory with WAY4 ePAY

    12:20 Networking Lunch

    13:50 Current status of SEPA for Cards

    Michiel Van Doeveren

    Michiel Van Doeveren, Senior Policy Advisor, De Nederlandsche Bank N V

    • Developments in the European Cards Market
    • Fourth SEPA-migration monitor of DNB of firms and public agencies
    • Current Developments in E- and M-payments
    • Policy view on SEPA for Cards

    14:30 EPC on SEPA for Cards- Progress and Challenges Ahead

    Ugo Bechis

    Ugo Bechis, Chairman of Cards Working Group, European Payments Council

    • The SEPA Card Senario
    o Issues
    o Players
    • EPC activity progress

    15:10 Afternoon Tea

    15:40 SEPA for cards: the challenge of balancing standardization, innovation and governance is still on!

    Norbert Bielefeld

    Norbert Bielefeld, Deputy Director Payment Systems, World Savings Banks Institute / European Savings Banks Group

    • Standardisation, a view from the frontline: why it takes so long to do what seems so obvious
    • Innovation: both providers and users must be motivated for innovation to prove more than a catchword!
    • SEPA governance: still a lot of chatting between air traffic controllers and whoever thinks he is in the cockpit!
    • The nirvana of reconciled challenges: examples of vibrant internal markets
    • But, SEPA for cards: are we sure the destination hasn’t changed during our journey?

    16:20 The Blunk Pilot: piloting Visa PayWave in Norway

    Thor Ragnar Klevstuen

    Thor Ragnar Klevstuen, Business Developer Cards and Payments, Sparebank 1

    • Why do a contactless pilot?
    • Pilot information
    • Lessons learnt
    • Commercial Solutions

    17:00 Chairman's closing remarks and end of Day One

    8:30 Registration & Coffee

    9:00 Chairman's Opening Remarks

    Francesco  Burelli

    Francesco Burelli, Partner, Value Partners

    9:10 The Pan-Nordic Card Association- a Nordic Banking Initiative

    Kurt Gjesten

    Kurt Gjesten, VSP, Pan Nordic Visa Association

    • Nordic Coordination
    • SEPA Standardisation
    • Knowledge Sharing
    o Committees
    o Forums

    9:50 Card Payments in Central Banks’ Radar

    Kari Kemppainen

    Kari Kemppainen, Senior Economist, Bank Of Finland

    • Role of Card Payments in Today’s Society
    • Standardisation of Card Transactions
    • Oversight of Card Payments

    10:30 Morning Coffee

    11:00 New payment solutions overview

    Filipe Dos Santos

    Filipe Dos Santos, Regional Sales Director for Europe, Compass Plus

    • The online world is becoming more pervasive
    • Mobile payments high level overview
    • The convergence of online and mobile
    • Requirements for industry players adaptation
    • Overview of direction and next steps in Europe

    11:40 Mobile Payments

    Mikko Haikonen

    Mikko Haikonen, Senior Manager, Nokia Solutions Unit, Nokia Corporation

    • Best definition for Mobile Payments
    • Risks and Opportunities
    • Who Benefits?
    • Will money ever be mobile?

    12:20 Networking Lunch

    13:50 Norwegian NFC Trial

    • Examine each key trial
    • Understand the benefits
    • Lessons Learnt

    Bent Bentsen

    Bent Bentsen, Senior Advisor, Group Payments and Infrastructure, DNB Bank ASA

    14:30 What Factors are Driving Consumer Payment Choices?

    Anneke Kosse

    Anneke Kosse, Payments systems policy department, De Nederlandsche Bank

    • Cash and debit card usage: evidence from the Netherlands
    • Main barriers to consumer payment choices
    • Impact of newspaper articles about payment card fraud
    • Role of socio-demographic and transaction-related factors
    • Role of ethnicity in payment technology adoption

    15:10 Afternoon Tea

    15:40 The Payments Marketplace from the Retailers’ Perspective

    Andreas Melan

    Andreas Melan, Group Payments Card Manager, Ikea

    • Understanding the important developments for retailers
    • Encouraging retailers to adopt Contactless technology and Mobile Payments
    • Understand the benefits of the new payments ecosystem for retailers

    16:20 Cost Study analysis

    Anders Molger Pedersen

    Anders Molger Pedersen, Assistant Head of Division of the Payment Systems Department, Danmarks Nationalbank

    17:00 Chairman’s Closing Remarks and Close of Day Two


    Copenhagen Marriott

    5 Kalvebod Brygge

    Copenhagen Marriott



    speaker image






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