Counter UAS Technology Europe
16 April - 17 April 2024

SAE Media Group are delighted to announce the second annual Counter UAS Technology Europe Conference, taking place in London on 16-17 April 2024.

With the growing proliferation of small drones and UAS technology, European armed forces and security agencies seeking to protect critical national infrastructure at home and also forward deployed personnel operating abroad. The European Counter UAS market is constantly growing with new programmes and projects announced. There has therefore never been a more important time for European C-UAS stakeholders to meet and network at Counter UAS Technology Europe 2024.

Counter UAS Technology Europe 2024 will showcase the very latest technology in the market to ensure that European personnel, equipment and infrastructure are protected from the proliferation of drones.

Speakers will feature from leading European C-UAS Programme Managers, wider international defence organisations and the top industry providers.


Brigadier General Kazimierz Dynski

Brigadier General Kazimierz Dynski

Air and Missile Defence Department Chief, General Command of Polish Armed Forces
Colonel Alessio Gronchi

Colonel Alessio Gronchi

Director, C-Mini/Micro UAS Centre of Excellence, Italian Army
Dr Jyh-Shyang Seu

Dr Jyh-Shyang Seu

Assistant Research Fellow, Institute for National Defence and Security Research
Group Captain Gary Darby

Group Captain Gary Darby

Head UK Joint C-UAS Office, Ministry of Defence
Lieutenant Commander Kieran Lewis

Lieutenant Commander Kieran Lewis

Above Water Battlespace, IAMD Effects Capability Sponsor, Royal Navy
Major General Adrian Ciolponea

Major General Adrian Ciolponea

Supreme Allied Commander Transformation Representative in Europe, NATO HQ

Aaron Westman

Sr Director, MDA Business Development, BlueHalo
Aaron Westman

 Aaron Westman is an experienced Engineer and Business Development professional in the field of C-UAS technologies. With over 20 years of experience in the UAS and C-UAS kill chain, he brings a depth of knowledge to these topics.
Aaron earned his degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Minnesota and has dedicated his career to both UAS and C-UAS technologies, having held key positions in US Army UAS, Radar, and Directed Energy technologies.
Throughout his career he has been instrumental in solutioning technologies such as the US Army’s TPQ-53 radar, US Army DE M-MSHORAD, and US Army P-HEL. As Aaron he is eager to share his knowledge of C-UAS technologies, especially Directed Energy C-UAS and the impact of cost and complexity on DE C-UAS solutions for the ever-evolving battlefield.

Alexandre Papy

NATO Defence Against Terrorism DAT Counter UAV Chairman and Professor, Department of Ballistics and Weapon Systems, NATO and Belgium Royal Military Academy
Alexandre Papy

Amit Haimovich

VP, Sales, D-Fend Solutions
Amit Haimovich

Amit Haimovich is an experienced defense executive, with an extensive track record in developing and managing development programs and sales activities worldwide. Amit is a former pilot with the Israeli Air Force who served many years in various operational roles in both active duty and reserves.
After his departure from the Air Force, for 20 years, Amit held various management and executive positions at Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), most recently as Director of Sales, Marketing, and Business Development for IAI’s MLM Division. Amit managed small and large teams, led business development and sales activities, and created a variety of successful collaborations with leading defense companies globally. During his professional career, Amit lived in the US for 3 years and in Singapore for 4 years, where he was responsible for the Southeast Asian regional business for IAI’s Systems, Missile, and Space Group. Amit is a graduate, Cum Laude, of the Open University of Israel in Management and holds an MBA degree in Finance from Reichman University in Herzliya, Israel.

Since 2019, Amit leads the sales teams of the Israeli company D-Fend Solutions as VP, Sales. D-Fend Solutions is the world leader in the RF-cyber counter-drone/C-UAS domain, focusing on providing safe, controlled, and reliable counter-drone/UAS solutions by using innovative cyber take-over technology. Amit and his team ensure world-class market leadership in this fast-growing domain.


Andre Hanewinkel

Chief Engineer/ Expert Battlefield Radars, Hensoldt
Andre Hanewinkel

Bob Moll

Business Development Manager, Robin Radar Systems BV
Bob Moll

 Bob Moll is VP Sales - Defence & Security at Robin Radar Systems in The Netherlands, having over 25 years experience in engineering, projectmanagement and business development for sensing applications for aerospace, defence and security applications. Having an MSc degree in physics, Bob worked for various Dutch industries for national and international, governmental and industrial customers. Projects were in the field of C4ISR, in particular airborne and space borne sensors, imagery intelligence, geo-informatics, battlefield acoustics and counter-UAS radars.

Bob is passionate about customers and innovation, addressing requirements with (high tech) solutions.

Brigadier General Kazimierz Dynski

Air and Missile Defence Department Chief, General Command of Polish Armed Forces
Brigadier General Kazimierz Dynski

Kazimierz Dynski earned his commission from the Radar Engineering Military School. He is graduated from the National Defence University and the Air War College.
He started his career in Air Defence as a targeting officer up to A3 Division Chief of the POLAF HQ. He served as A7 Division Chief at the CC Air HQ Ramstein and J7 Deputy Chief the General Staff of the PAF, Deputy Chief of Staff - J3 Division Chief of the GENCOM and Director of the National Military Standardization Committee. He was assigned as commander of the 3rd Air Defence Brigade.

Captain Rens Govaers

Delegate of Bureau Rockets & Missiles C-UAS Project Team, General Directorate Material Resources, Belgian Armed Forces
Captain Rens Govaers

 Captain Rens Govaers joined the Belgian Armed Forces in 2010 as student at the Belgian Royal Military Academy where he graduated in 2015 with a master’s degree in Social and Military Sciences. After his graduation, he was assigned to the Belgian Airforce as a Force Protection officer. From 2016 to 2021, Captain Govaers was one of the responsible officers for the Airbase Security of Kleine-Brogel Airbase. Since his assignment to the Directorate General Material Resources in 2021, he is one of the members of the C-UAS Project Team which is tasked with the acquisition of C-UAS equipment.

Chung-Ling Hung

Director of Foresight Modeling and Simulation Section, System Development Center, National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology
Chung-Ling Hung

Colonel Alessio Gronchi

Director, C-Mini/Micro UAS Centre of Excellence, Italian Army
Colonel Alessio Gronchi

 Colonel Alessio GRONCHI, born on 4th September 1975 in Florence (Italy).
Main degrees: Master of Art in Political Science; Master’s Degree in International Strategic and Military Studies; Joint Services Staff Course
Main military courses and titles: Parachuting, Long-Range Reconnaissance Patrol, Military Swimming Instructor, Military Driving Instructor, Military Legal Advisor
Main assignments:
• Liaison Officer in South Sudan (UNMISS)
• Head of the Air Defense Section - Italian Army General Staff
• Italian Military Advisor to Ministry of the Kosovo Security Forces
• Director of Italian Mini/Micro Counter UAS Center of Excellence
AOB: Keen sportsman (running, swimming, scuba diving). Married, with 2 children.

Daniel Flack

Subject Matter Expert / Exploitation Team Lead, Edgesource Corporation
Daniel Flack

Dr Arun Arumugam

Sales Director, Advanced Protection Systems SA
Dr Arun Arumugam

 Dr Arun Kumar Arumugam was born in Penang, Malaysia. After completing his secondary education in Malaysia, he moved to the UK to pursue an undergraduate degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering and subsequently, a PhD in Wireless Personal Area Networks from the University of Bristol.

Arun’s industrial experience spans over 13 years in Defence & Security and 5 years in the Space sector. He is the Director of Business Development for two companies, Advanced Protection Systems (APS) based in Gdynia, Poland and a SAR satellite space start-up, Eycore. He is also the Founder and Director of StrategyConsults Limited in the UK. Arun was a recipient of the Robinson Research Fellowship from the Institution of Engineering & Technology (IET), holder of the Chester-Saal Award from the IEEE, USA and is a Working Group member of Space Scotland (formerly the Scottish Space Leadership Council).

Dr Cristian Coman

Principal Scientist, NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCI Agency)
Dr Cristian Coman

 Dr Coman was born in Romania in 1972. He is educated as an Electronics and Electrical Engineer and received his engineer’s degree in 1996 from the Military Technical Academy, Bucharest, with a specialization in radio electronics for surface to air missiles. In 2006 he obtained a PhD degree from the Delft University of Technology, in The Netherlands with a thesis on sparse array antennas for radar and communication systems, and a second PhD degree (Cum Laude) from the Military Technical Academy, Bucharest with a thesis on short range radar tracking systems. He served in the Romanian Air Forces for 20 years.
He started his career as a researcher at the Military Equipment and Technologies Research Agency, in Bucharest. His research activities focused on air surveillance radars, tracking radars, as well as microwave and antenna systems.
In April 2006, Dr Coman started work at the NATO C3 Agency in The Hague where he led a variety of research and development projects in the areas of ground surveillance radars, evaluation of Ground Moving Target Indicator (GMTI) trackers and supported the Multi-intelligence All-source Joint Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance Coalition (MAJIIC) project.
In 2019, Dr Coman was appointed to establish and lead a Counter-Drone Alliance RDO [Research via Development to Operations] Team (CDART), which is the NATO’s expertise centre for counter-drone technology and operations and is being created within the Joint Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (JISR) Centre in The Hague.

Dr James Bailey

Air Power Strategist, US Air Force
Dr James Bailey

Dr Jyh-Shyang Seu

Assistant Research Fellow, Institute for National Defence and Security Research
Dr Jyh-Shyang Seu

Flight Lieutenant Paul McLoughlin

Officer Commanding No 2 Force Protection C-UAS Wing, Royal Air Force
Flight Lieutenant Paul McLoughlin

 With over twenty-five years’ experience in the Royal Air Force Regiment, Wing Commander Sam Wiseman is a specialist in Airfield Force Protection. He has completed a multitude of operational tours, including several whilst serving as part of the United Kingdom’s respective Very High Readiness Air Assault and Commando Brigades. Sam has commanded in all ranks held and is a graduate of the United Kingdom’s Advanced Staff and Command Course. His staff experience include postings to the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defence and its Permanent Joint Headquarters. Sam is currently the Officer Commanding of Number 2 Force Protection Wing; the United Kingdom’s only dedicated Fixed Site Counter-Uncrewed Air System formation.

Group Captain Gary Darby

Head UK Joint C-UAS Office, Ministry of Defence
Group Captain Gary Darby

 Group Captain Gary Darby joined the Royal Air Force in 1989 and has served globally, including on operations in Northern Ireland, Afghanistan and Iraq. Whilst a military policeman by background, Gary has held a number of senior appointments within both security and cyber targeting and was recently embedded with US CYBERCOM, Maryland for 2 years. Before taking up his current post as Head of the UK MoD’s Joint C-UAS Office in February 2022, Gary was the MoD’s Assistant Head for Strategic Campaigning Counter Russia.

Jose Antonio Cebrian de Barrio

Head of Critical Communications SIRDEE, R&D Department and CUAs Department, Spanish Ministry of Interior
Jose Antonio Cebrian de Barrio

Lars Krogh Vammen

Head of Business Development Surveillance System, Weibel Scientific A/S
Lars Krogh Vammen

 Lars Krogh Vammen has a 21-year Danish Army background. He has served in various operational branches including 11 years in the Danish army air defense, as well as ISTAR and HUMINT. Lars Vammen has served in the Danish Defence Acquisitions and Logistics Organization (DALO) in the Land Equipment Division as System Manager Mortars & Artillery. Lars Krogh Vammen’s military service includes three deployments to Afghanistan, where he e.g. has served with the US Marine Corps in Helmand. Lars Vammen is now Director of Business Development in Weibel Scientific with the responsibility for the global expansion of the entire Weibel portfolio. The role covers the full scope of business development activities with governments and non-governmental organizations, EU organizations as well as B2B relations with other large OMEs and primes. He is responsible for the full portfolio of Weibel products, with radars for IAMD as main priority – which covers the XENTA radar for SHORAD and C-UAS purposes as well as the long range tracking and discrimination radars for ballistic missile defense. In this context Lars has been a part of a number NATO Industrial Advisory Group studies as well as the recently concluded NIAG Industrial Interface Group to GBAD (NIIGBAD).

Leo McCloskey

VP Marketing, Echodyne Corp.
Leo McCloskey

 Leo McCloskey leads brand and marketing efforts for Echodyne and is a frequent speaker at conferences and events. Prior to joining Echodyne, he built and led marketing and product marketing teams in the US and Europe for a broad range of companies, from technology startups to established brands, with an emphasis in carrier and large enterprise service delivery architectures. His work in connected and autonomous vehicles, enterprise software, networks and cloud services, and end user experience management complements his education in languages, history, and political science.

Lieutenant Colonel Andre Haider

SME UAS, NATO Joint Air Power Competence Centre
Lieutenant Colonel Andre Haider

Lieutenant Colonel Haider began his military career
with the German Armed Forces in April 1992. He initially served as a Personnel NCO in the 150th Rocket
Artillery Battalion HQ. Following his promotion to
Lieutenant in 1998, he took on the role of platoon
leader within the same battalion. After three years, he
transitioned to the position of CIS Branch Head at the
150th Rocket Artillery Battalion HQ.
Subsequently, Lieutenant Colonel Haider was as signed to the 325th Tank Artillery Battalion in Munster,
where he served as a battery commander before assuming command of the maintenance and supply
In 2008, he was appointed as the commander of a
maintenance and supply company within the 284th
Signal Battalion in Wesel. His responsibilities expanded
in 2010 when he became the Deputy Commander
of the German support staff for the 1st NATO Signal
Battalion in Wesel.
As a follow-on assignment he served as the Deputy
Battalion Commander of the 132nd Rocket Artillery
Battalion in Sondershausen.
Notably, in 2004/2005, Lieutenant Colonel Haider led
the resettlement efforts for Serbian refugees following the March 2004 riots in Prizren, Kosovo. In 2011, he
oversaw the rapid deployment of NATO’s German
Operational Reserve Forces Battalion to Kosovo.
Since 2012, Lieutenant Colonel Haider has been a Subject Matter Expert for Unmanned Aircraft Systems and
Countering Unmanned Aircraft Systems within the
JAPCC Combat Air Branch. He has authored books,
white papers, and articles on various topics, including
the operations of ‘Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems
in Contested Environments’, the establishment of a
‘NATO/Multinational Joint Intelligence, Surveillance,
and Reconnaissance Unit’, the ‘Legal and Ethical Implications of Increasing Unmanned System Automation’,
and ‘A Comprehensive Approach to Countering Unmanned Aircraft Systems’.
Lieutenant Colonel Haider represents the JAPCC in
and contributes to several key NATO groups, including the NATO Joint Capability Group Unmanned Aircraft Systems, the NATO Counter-UAS Working Group,
and the NATO Joint Capability Group Maritime Unmanned Systems.

Lieutenant Colonel Hugo Gonzalez

Naval and Air Warfare Weapons Liaison , Office of Naval Research
Lieutenant Colonel Hugo Gonzalez

 Colonel Steven D. Gutierrez is the PM for DE M-SHORAD with 30+ years of service and 16+ years of experience in major defense acquisition programs. He has led within the Infantry, Signal Corps, and Acquisition Corps in garrison and field environments and during combat deployments.
COL Gutierrez served as the PM for Virtual Training Systems at Program Executive Office Simulation, Training, and Instrumentation, is a Senior Service College graduate of the National Defense University and was the Director for DCMA Americas.
He leads the U.S. Army’s flagship Directed Energy program at the Army Rapid Capabilities and Critical Technologies Office.

Lieutenant Colonel Rudiger Rauch

Assistant Branch Chief, Federal Ministry of Defense, Germany
Lieutenant Colonel Rudiger Rauch

Assistant Branch Chief Strategy and Operations Directorate I 6, C-sUAS, NATO Biometrics, Data Protection Military Intelligence, Federal Ministry of Defense, Germany
Lieutenant Colonel Rudiger Rauch was born on May 08th 1968 in Harderberg near Osnabrueck Lower Saxonia.
1988 Airforce Basic Training Essen-Kupferdreh
1992 67. Officercourse Airforce Officerschool Fuerstenfeldbruck
1994 Electronic Warfare Officer Course Airforce Technical School Lechfeld
1994 - 2000 Electronic Warfare Officer (Duty Officer COMINT, Platoonleader)
Signal Sector D, Berlin-Gatow
2000 - 2002 Electronic Warfare Officer, Desk Officer
German Airforce Command A3Va, Cologne
2002 - 2003 Electronic Warfare Officer, Desk Officer
Strategic Reconnaissance Command, Directorate Future Development, Equipment Department, Rheinbach
2003 - 2006 Sector Commander
3./COMINT Bn 911, Stadum
2006 - 2009 Teaching Staff Officer Airforce
Strategic Reconnaissance School, Flensburg
2009 - 2012 J3 and Deputy Commander
COMINT Bn 911, Stadum
2012 - 2013 Deputy Commander and J3
Signal Analysis Center 91, Flensburg
2013 - 2014 Group Leader 4 Technical Analysis and Head of COMINT Department
Bundeswehr SIGINT Technical Analysis Center (BwSTAC), Hof
05/2014 – 07/2018 Assistant Branch Chief for the authorised representative FMOD within the Paliamentary Inquiry Council, SME SIGINT
FMOD Berlin
08/2018 – 10/2018 Assistant Branch Chief Strategy and Operations Directorate II 4, EUTM MLI
FMOD Berlin
11/2018 – 07/2019 Assistant Branch Chief Strategy and Operations Directorate I 1, C-sUAS, NATO Biometrics, Data Protection Military Intelligence FMOD, Berlin
07/2019 –
today Assistant Branch Chief Strategy and Operations Directorate I 6, C-sUAS, NATO Biometrics, Data Protection Military Intelligence
FMOD, Berlin

Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Viala

Deputy CEM BAPPS, Air Defense and Air Operations Command, French Air Force
Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Viala

Lieutenant Commander Kieran Lewis

Above Water Battlespace, IAMD Effects Capability Sponsor, Royal Navy
Lieutenant Commander Kieran Lewis

 Lieutenant Commander Kieran Lewis joined the Royal Navy in 2008 as a Weapon Engineering Officer. He has completed multiple Guided Weapons Roles within the Royal Navy, DE&S and DSTL gaining a breadth of experience in both conventional and novel weapon systems. He currently holds the position of the Above Water Battlespace Effectors Capability Sponsor which includes the duties of Programme Director for the Royal Navy’s Counter UAS capability development.

Liisa Janssens

Scientist, Emerging Disruptive Technologies and Law, TNO
Liisa Janssens

 As a lead scientist of an interdisciplinary team of researchers at the department Military Operations, at the unit Defense, Safety & Security TNO (The Netherlands Organisation for applied scientific research, founded by law in 1932 to enable business and government to apply knowledge) I combine theoretical and applied scientific research on the nexus of law, philosophy and AI technology (applied mathematics). In different engineering teams, I am the lead for formulating new questions on how to responsibly navigate AI development processes. In operational projects, for example, my role is to find new (technical) requirements and to build taxonomies and databases, all informed by ethics and the Rule of Law. This is necessary to establish (Responsible) AI applications which can be implemented in society.

LTC Paul Lushenko, PhD

Assistant Professor and Director of Special Operations, US Army War College
LTC Paul Lushenko, PhD

 Also, here is my bio for the website: LTC Paul Lushenko is an Assistant Professor and the Director of Special Operations at the U.S. Army War College. He earned his Ph.D. and M.A. in International Relations from Cornell University. He also holds an M.A. in Defense and Strategic Studies from the U.S. Naval War College, an M.A. in International Relations and a Master of Diplomacy from The Australian National University, and a B.S. from the U.S. Military Academy. Paul has deployed continuously, directing intelligence operations at the Battalion, Combined Task Force, and Joint Task Force levels. Paul is a Council on Foreign Relations Term Member, Adjunct Research Lecturer at Charles Sturt University, and Senior Fellow at Cornell University’s Tech Policy Institute. He is the co-editor of Drones and Global Order: Implications of Remote Warfare for International Society (2022), which is the first book to systematically study the implications of drone warfare on global politics, and is the co-author of The Legitimacy of Drone Warfare: Evaluating Public Perceptions (2024) that provides the first experimental evidence on public perceptions of legitimate drone strikes. He has written and lectured widely on emerging technologies and war, and is regularly quoted in popular news outlets including BBC, Bloomberg, CBS, Kyiv Post, NBC, Sky News, The Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, and Wired.

Major General Adrian Ciolponea

Supreme Allied Commander Transformation Representative in Europe, NATO HQ
Major General Adrian Ciolponea

n the 1st of August 2023, Major-General ConstantinAdrian Ciolponea has been appointed as SACT Representative in Europe. Prior to this, he was the Land Component Commander and also a Special Advisor to the Defence Minister.
MGen. Constantin-Adrian Ciolponea received his
commission in 1988, after graduating the Military
School for Officers, Sibiu, as an infantry officer. In
2004, he graduated the High Military Studies
Academy, Bucharest. He has been assigned to
numerous command and staff positions for operations and training, reconnaissance, special operations and airborne operations (1000 + military jumps), both in Romania and abroad.
Starting 2008, he commanded the 1st Special Operations Battalion, starting 2009 the
1st Special Operations Regiment and starting 2011 the 6th Special Operations Brigade.
In 2015 he has been appointed Deputy Commander at the 4th Infantry Division and in
2016 became deputy Land Forces Commander for training and operations.
During 2017-2021, MGen Constantin-Adrian Ciolponea was the Romanian National Military Representative to Supreme Headquarters Allied Power Europe (SHAPE), Mons, Belgium and was the Dean of the National Military Representatives. From 2021 to 2022, he was appointed as the Deputy Commander of the Multinational Corps Southeast in Sibiu, Romania. Abroad, he served in a variety of assignments, most notably being: UN Military Observer Democratic Republic of Congo (2000-2001); Staff Officer in Afghanistan (2008, 2010, 2013); Staff Officer in Kosovo (2009). His military education includes several international courses, including: Army's Rangers Course for Officers, USA, (1996 – 1997 completion certificate) Special Operations Course, USA (2005); Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, California, USA (2006 - 2007); Advance Program in Security Studies, George C. Marshall European Centre for Security Studies, Germany (2010); Counter Terrorism Special Forces Advanced Course, USA (2014); National War College, USA (2014 - 2015). MG Constantin-Adrian CIOLPONEA's decorations and awards include: UN Medal; The Army Achievement Medal; The Army Commendation Medal; General Staff Badge of Honour; Romanian Army Honour Emblem; Military Veteran Honorific title; Land Forces Emblem of Honour; National Order Military Virtue in rank of Knight; Air Force Emblem of Honour; Naval Forces Emblem of Honour in service of the Homeland - for 25 years of service" Honorary sign.
Major-General Constantin-Adrian CIOLPONEA is married and father of two

Marco Fani

Head of Underwater & Defence Business Solutions - Product Marketing, Leonardo
Marco Fani

Mario Behn

DEU VNC/Principal Scientist, NATO C&I Agency
Mario Behn

 Mario Behn is working at the NATO Communication and Information Agency (NCIA). He supports the Joint ISR Centre on Countering Unmanned Aerial Systems (C-UAS) and Navigational Warfare (NAVWAR) as a German Voluntary National Contribution (VNC). Immediately before, he was the German National Technical Expert (NATEX) for IAMD/AirC2. He is a graduate from the German Federal Civil Service Academy (Senior Track in Defence Technology and Procurement) and holds two Master degrees (Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Massachusetts at Amherst, USA & Business Administration, Koblenz University of Applied Sciences, Germany).

Michael O'Hara

SHORAD Mission Solutions & Strategy Sr. Manager, Northrop Grumman Corporation
Michael O'Hara

 Michael O’Hara is a Sr. Manger for Counter – Uncrewed Aerial Systems (C-UAS) and Short Range Air Defense (SHORAD) Strategy of the Global Battle Management and ReadinessDivision at Northrop Grumman’s Defense Systems sector. In this role, he is a trusted customer collaborator and is responsible for leading growth, strategy, and mission solutions for the Integrated Defense Solutions operating unit’s SHORAD and C-UAS domestic and international pursuits with Northrop Grumman’s Forward Area Air Defense Command and Control (FAAD C2) system. IDS serves warfighters and global customers to deliver integrated air and missile defense capabilities, including elements ranging from facility protection and short-range air and missile defense. IDS also delivers integrated theatre air and missile defense systems multi- domain mission command solutions.

Prior, as senior program manager at Northrop Grumman, O’Hara was responsible for overseeing all aspects of business, program performance, and growth for Northrop Grumman’s:
• Integrated Battle Command System (IBCS) Engagement Operations Centers (EOC)
• Advanced Tactical Weapon Systems team with focus on kinetic interceptors, which included Northrop Grumman’s Accelerated Improved Intercept Initiative (AI3) Interceptor, Extended Area Protection & Survivability (EAPS) program, and Micro-Interceptor. These systems were designed to defeat Rockets, Artillery, and Mortars (RAM) and Uncrewed Aerial Systems (UAS) and integrated with the FAAD C2 system.
• Ground Based Midcourse Defense Ground-based Midcourse Defense (GMD) systemIn-Flight Interceptor Communications System (IFICS) Data Terminals (IDTs)
O’Hara joined Northrop Grumman in 1999 and held a number of positions of increasing responsibility with over 30 years of proven cross functional breadth and in-depth experience of complex defense and aerospace centric programs, captures, proposals, and engineering activities. Proven Program Management, Capture/Strategy Management, Engineering, and Leadership focused on full life-cycle product development in both hardware and software development with strong customer/executive management/team communication, coordination, and troubleshooting skills.
Before Northrop Grumman, O’Hara was signals intelligence (SIGINT) analyst in the U.S. Army and afterwards, a developer for the Army’s All Source Analysis System (ASAS) military intelligence system. He also worked at NASA studying thrust vectoring in Langley Research Center’s wind tunnels.
O’Hara holds a Master of Science in Management/Information Systems from Florida Institute of Technology and a Bachelor of Science from Excelsior College, New York (University of the State of New York).
Northrop Grumman is a leading global aerospace and defense technology company. Our pioneering solutions equip our customers with capabilities they need to connect and protect the world, and push the boundaries of human exploration across the universe. Driven by a shared purpose to solve our customers’ toughest problems, our 95,000 employees define possible every day.

Nataliia Kushnerska

Chief Operating Officer, Brave1, Ukraine
Nataliia Kushnerska

 Nataliia Kushnerska is an experienced business leader and project management professional.

For 15 years, Nataliia has been the General manager at the event agency Diplomat Service, leading more than 50 projects in Ukraine and abroad. Nataliia also has experience working with government institutions; she's been an advisor to the First Deputy Minister of Economy.

Since early 2023, as Chief Operations Officer at the Ukrainian defense tech cluster Brave1, Nataliia has been responsible for cooperation with government institutions, enterprises, developers, funds, startups, and Ukrainian Defense tech representatives.

With Brave1 officially launched on April 26th, 2023, Nataliia and her team unite the Defense tech ecosystem, scale it up, and push it forward to bring the victory closer through tech innovations.

Education: Kyiv National Linguistics University, Master's degree "Translator English, Italian, French languages."

Private First Class Harijs Osis

C-UAV Specialist, National Armed Forces Of Latvia
Private First Class Harijs Osis

Reserve Captain Andrus Padar

Expert of Remote Sensing Research and Development Centre / Head of S2 section, Estonian Academy of Security Sciences
Reserve Captain Andrus Padar

Roy Bookham

Chief Scientist, C-UAS Platforms Division, DSTL
Roy Bookham

Roy Bookham, is a former RAF Aero systems Engineering Officer who served for more than 30 years on front line Fast Jet and Helicopter Squadrons and on research and demonstration projects in the UK and overseas. On leaving the RAF in 2001, Roy joined Dstl as a Team Leader in the Air and Weapons Systems Department (AWSD) at Farnborough. He and his team delivered a wide range of products to underpin a number of important UK MOD Air acquisitions. After 3 years at Farnborough, Roy was seconded from Dstl to UK MOD London as Deputy Director Science Theatre Airspace (TA). In a 5 year period (2004 to 2009) he and his staff managed and provided objective scientific support to TA at a time of considerable turbulence and real pressure from the operational theatres. This support ranged from HLOA, through research and demonstration, to the direct input of scientific and technical evidence to equipment acquisition business cases and, increasingly, to develop and underpin solutions to short notice Urgent Operational Requirements (UORs) for operations overseas. Roy returned to Dstl in 2009 and has worked to the present day as the Senior Principal Consultant for Counter-UAS (C-UAS), responsible for producing and delivering C-UAS R&D Strategy for the UK MOD. In this post, he advises a wide range of UK Stakeholders on C-UAS issues.

Scott Page

CTO- Roke (Futures) | Vigil AI, Roke
Scott Page

Dr Scott Page is the Chief Technical Officer for the Futures Business Unit at Roke. Prior to joining Roke, Scott was the founder and Managing Director of Cubica Technology Ltd, a leading UK research and development organisation specialising in machine learning, data fusion and autonomous systems. Scott has over 20 years of experience developing sensor processing and fusion systems in the defence and security sector. He has been deeply involved with the development and realisation of the SAPIENT (now BSI Flex) concept, as well as the development of a number of novel C-UAS sensing technologies.

Sean Bittick

C-UAS and Capability Development Officer, Innovation, Hybrid and Cyber Division, NATO
Sean Bittick

 Sean Bittick is a C-UAS and Capability Development officer for the Innovation, Hybrid, & Cyber (IHC) Division at NATO Headquarters in Brussels. He contributes to the evolution of the Defence Against Terrorism Programme of Work (DAT POW) and its role within the IHC Division and serves as Secretary for the C-UAS Working Group (to include updating the Terms of Reference, Doctrine development, and the Programme of Work), and liaises with internal and external C-UAS stakeholders. His formational experiences derived from service in the United States Armed Forces at the Tactical, Operational, and Strategic levels within the Air Force’s Security Forces career field as well as service out of uniform with the Joint Counter Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Office (JCO). Sean holds a Master of Arts Degree in European and Eurasian Studies from the George Washington University.

Squadron Leader Hugo Morris

SO2 Counter-small Uncrewed Air Systems, Project 6 Lead, British Army HQ
Squadron Leader Hugo Morris

 Squadron Leader Morris joined the RAF Regiment in 2000. His first assignment was as a Flight Commander on 26 Squadron with operational deployments to Op RESINATE SOUTH in Kuwait and Op TELIC I in Iraq. In 2004, he was posted to RAF Honington as the Ground Defence Training Officer and Officer Commanding the Nuclear Accident Response Team. After a second Op TELIC tour commanding an Iraq Department of Border Enforcement Training Team, in September 2006 Morris was amongst the first Bowman Signals Officers and assigned to 3 Squadron. During 3 Squadron’s Op HERRICK deployment in southern Afghanistan, Morris concurrently commanded a Rifle Flight and Support Weapons Flight.

On return from Afghanistan Morris joined the Bowman Training and Advisory Group (Joint), responsible for converting 3 Commando Brigade and 16 Air Assault Brigade units to the Bowman communication system. This role required a four-month deployment embarked on HMS Ocean whilst on attachment to 40 Commando Royal Marines. Following an extended Op HERRICK (LANSBURY) Afghanistan tour with UK Special Forces and the Security and Intelligence Agencies at the end of his Bowman role, in January 2012 Morris was posted to the Joint Counter-Terror Training and Advisory Team as the Pakistan High-Threat Team Leader on Op MONOGRAM

Returning from two years in Pakistan in January 2014, Morris was posted to the Full Spectrum Coordination Cell in London, a joint Ministry of Defence and Security and Intelligence Agency body for whom he spent a year in the United States as Liaison Officer. Promoted to Squadron Leader in November 2015 whilst in the United States, Morris returned to the UK in January 2016 for his first OF3 tour as the Close Combat and C-UAS Capability Development staff officer at Air Command. In November 2018 he was assigned to the Defence Portfolio & Approval Secretariat as the Air Desk Officer, during which time Morris deployed for eight months with UK Special Forces on Op BLANCA in Afghanistan in a high-threat mentoring capacity. In October 2022 Morris returned to the CUAS world as SO2 C-sUAS in Army HQ Programmes Directorate, responsible for the delivery of Land GBAD Project 6.

Morris is married to Caroline, a consultant Transplant physician, and they have a son, Rufus, aged 8.

Stephan Kraschansky

Managing Director AARONIA AT, AARONIA AG
Stephan Kraschansky

 Stephan Kraschansky, the Managing Director of AARONIA Austria, a subsidiary of AARONIA AG Germany, has a global portfolio overseeing military, law enforcement, and critical infrastructure clients; At the age of 33, Mr. Kraschansky currently manages a Team of C-UAS experts in Austria. His professional journey and educational background are deeply rooted in his service as an Officer with the Austrian Armed Forces. Over the past 13 years, he has dedicated his career to the Austrian Armed Forces, specializing in the domains of cyber and electronic warfare. In his final three years of military service, he had the privilege of serving as the Chief Training Officer for Cyber and ICT security, contributing significantly to the development of officers and non-commissioned officers in this field. Mr. Kraschansky found immense satisfaction in teaching and conducting training sessions for military personnel. Furthermore, he assumed command of Austria's sole Counter Unmanned Aircraft Systems (C-UAS) Element. During his tenure, he successfully led more than a hundred C-UAS operations, which included safeguarding high-profile events like Austria's European Council Presidency and providing C-UAS support for Europe's largest air show, AIRPOWER. Among his civilian accomplishments, one of the most notable was the honor of safeguarding the G20 Summit together with Indonesian Special Police Forces.

Yoav Zaltzman

CEO, SentryCS
Yoav Zaltzman

 Yoav is an accomplished executive with a long and successful track record in leading fast business growth globally in enterprise software and cyber defence. He held senior executive positions both in start-ups and leading global corporations, serving as a division president at Amdocs (NASDAQ: DOX), SVP and President at Nice System (Nasdaq: Nice), and General Manager at Applied Materials (Nasdaq: AMAT).

 Why should you attend? 

  • Hear from European Senior Leadership and Programme Managers on how they are utilising technology to combat UAS
  • Meet and Network with international speakers from NATO and allied nations to discover how they are protecting their defence networks from drone attack
  • Listen to how innovative technology is driving advancement and enabling defence to counter drone swarms and attacks
  • Meet industry solution providers to discover how to leverage their C-UAS platforms

 Returning to London, larger than ever before, and in a new venue, the two-day conference will uncover the latest C-UAS programmes and projects, including:

  • Achieving effective AI integration into C-UAS capabilities
  • Operating kinetic solutions in domestic environments
  • NATO Allied Transformation Command’s perspective
  • The Ukrainian experience of developing, testing and fielding C-UAS


Conference agenda



Registration & Coffee



Chair's Opening Remarks

Roy Bookham, Chief Scientist, C-UAS Platforms Division, DSTL



MoD Keynote: How the UK MoD is Preparing for the Continually Evolving UAS Threat Landscape

Group Captain Gary Darby, Head UK Joint C-UAS Office, Ministry of Defence

  • Developing innovative systems to enhance C-UAS efficiency: an overview of current UK MoD projects
  • Assessing the future of UAS and CUAS technology and measuring current capability to enable a proactive stance
  • Determining the extent to which AI/ML and expert learning will upend current orthodoxy
  • Collaborating with allies across the spectrum of C-UAS programme maturity
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    Thinking out of the bands - Detection and Mitigation of non-standard frequency sUAS as a must-have!

    Stephan Kraschansky, Managing Director AARONIA AT, AARONIA AG

     • C-UAS Challenge: Rogue drones on non-standard frequencies present a significantly growing security threat.
    • Frequency Dilemma: Non-standard frequency drones simply evade regulations and existing CUAS solutions, posing massive challenges for security efforts.
    • Communication Disruption Risk: These drones can disrupt own essential communications as a side effect, emphasizing the need for timely neutralization.
    • Rising of layered CUAS Demand: The increasing incidents of hostile drone activities also by non-state actors call for robust and multi layered Counter Unmanned Aircraft Systems (CUAS) to protect critical assets of our society.
    • Comprehensive Defense: A multi-layered CUAS system, covering detection and jamming capabilities across the usable electromagnetic spectrum, is essential to effectively counter nowadays drones.
    • Covering standard frequencies only is simply not enough any more



    Building the Polish Integrated Multi-Layered AMD and C-UAS Concept

    Brigadier General Kazimierz Dynski , Air and Missile Defence Department Chief, General Command of Polish Armed Forces

  • Developing layered defence capabilities through leveraging proven capability and partner solutions
  • Updates on the SKYctrl C-UAS programme implementation by the Polish Armed Forces
  • Developing an integrated and data centric C2 system
  • Continuing to strengthen C-UAS capabilities on NATO’s eastern flank amidst growing provocations



    Countering the Biggest Threat to Ground Forces with "Second-Generation C-UAS Systems"

    Lars Krogh Vammen, Head of Business Development Surveillance System, Weibel Scientific A/S

  • What is the biggest threat, and why are drones considered a significant risk?
  • What are the needs of the end user?
  • From a radar perspective... NATO study: New Generation of Counter UAS Systems to Defeat Low Slow and Small (LSS) Air Threats and CSIS Report: Countering small uncrewed aerial systems
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    Morning Coffee



    Session Reserved for Gold Sponsor - Echodyne

    Leo McCloskey, VP Marketing, Echodyne Corp.



    Army HQ Keynote Address: Achieving General Force Protection Capabilities and Initial Operational Learnings Six Months into Project 6

  • Enhancing the dismounted C-UAS capabilities of front line operators through targeted procurement of new systems
  • Achieving interoperability and effective integration through platform specific technology insertions and ensuring compatibility with existing systems
  • The role of advanced image processing in automatic target acquisition to maximise mitigation success rate
  • Future developments and roadmap up to 2030

    Squadron Leader Hugo Morris, SO2 Counter-small Uncrewed Air Systems, Project 6 Lead, British Army HQ



    The Future is Now: the Applicability of High Energy Laser as a Drone Defeat Effector in an Integrated C-UAS System

  • The importance of integrating hard kill effectors into an integrated C-UAS system to maximize drone defeat
  • The benefits that High Energy Lasers provide to the operator (counter-swarm, range, lower logistics burden)
  • HEL technology road map
  • Demonstrating the effectiveness of HEL in defeating drones



  • Aaron Westman, Sr Director, MDA Business Development, BlueHalo



    The Italian Lines of Effort for Developping New C-UAS systems.

  • The ongoing projects for the homeland security operations and for the protection of the troops
  • The C-UAS “on the move” capability: advantages and technical limits
  • The possible cooperation in a PeSCo project
  • Colonel Alessio Gronchi, Director, C-Mini/Micro UAS Centre of Excellence, Italian Army



    Networking Lunch



    Hyper Deployable C-UAS Radar

    Bob Moll, Business Development Manager, Robin Radar Systems BV

  • Use cases requiring hyper deployability
  • IRIS radar, static, nomadic & on-the-move
  • Silent radar concept



    The French Experience of Deploying C-UAS Technology to Protect Large Scale Events: Lessons learned from the 2023 Rugby World Cup

    Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Viala

    Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Viala, Deputy CEM BAPPS, Air Defense and Air Operations Command, French Air Force

  • Working alongside the police and other security agencies to ensure CUAS security at the 2023 Rugby World Cup
  • Implementing a modular and easily transportable system capable of identifying and responding to UAS technology in an urban environment
  • Final preparations for the 2024 Olympics and necessary considerations to be made in the lead up to global scale events
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    RF-Cyber C-UAS - Considerations and Advanced Topics

    Amit Haimovich, VP, Sales, D-Fend Solutions

    • Next Generation C-UAS Approaches and Capabilities for the Most Challenging Homeland Security Environments & Sectors
    • Evolving drone threats as reflected in the most recent incidents across sectors, including urban and border environments, critical infrastructure sites and multiple homeland security scenarios.
    • Traditional Legacy C-UAV technology challenges and technological innovations to overcome the constraints and protect personnel, assets, and sites
    • Optimized operational deployments and configurations for varied use cases, scenarios, and sectors, including the need for extreme on the go mobility and flexibility
    • Openness, integration, and the emerging optimal layered and escalating defense concept
    • Control, Safety, and the Quest for Continuity



    Afternoon Tea



    Terrain-Independent Long-Range C-UAS Detection and Effector Guidance With 3rd Generation AESA Radar Technology

  • Impact of the complex european terrain on radar based Micro UAV detection and classification
  • Enabling system designs to ensure same radar performance independent from actual terrain
  • What Hard-Kill Effectors expect from their corresponding radar sensors within C-UAS applications
  • Synergies between classical GBAD and C-UAS Class 1 regarding Sensor-to-Shooter Links
  • Insights in development and applications with 3rd Generation AESA Radar System SPEXER 2000

    Andre Hanewinkel

    Andre Hanewinkel, Chief Engineer/ Expert Battlefield Radars, Hensoldt



    C-UAS in the Royal Navy, Today and Tomorrow

    Lieutenant Commander Kieran Lewis, Above Water Battlespace, IAMD Effects Capability Sponsor, Royal Navy

  • Maritime Problem – Lessons from the Red Sea.
  • Current Capability – Traditional Air Defence against a new threat.
  • Future Strategy – A new way to layered defence.
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    The United States Marine Corps' C-UAS Capabilities

    Lieutenant Colonel Hugo Gonzalez, Naval and Air Warfare Weapons Liaison , Office of Naval Research

  • Using operational learnings from Ukraine to inform domestic capability development
  • Collaborating with industry to measure the effectiveness of new kinetic options
  • Introducing DE solutions into USMC Capabilities
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    Closing International Keynote Address: The Consideration and Strategy of C-UAS System Development in Taiwan

    Chung-Ling Hung

    Chung-Ling Hung, Director of Foresight Modeling and Simulation Section, System Development Center, National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology

    Dr Jyh-Shyang Seu

    Dr Jyh-Shyang Seu, Assistant Research Fellow, Institute for National Defence and Security Research



    Chair’s Closing Remarks and Close of Day One

    Roy Bookham, Chief Scientist, C-UAS Platforms Division, DSTL



    Networking Reception Hosted by Lead Sponsor AARONIA AG



    Registration & Coffee



    Chairman's Opening Remarks

    Roy Bookham, Chief Scientist, C-UAS Platforms Division, DSTL



    Virtual Address: Achieving Thorough Integration of UAS Countermeasures to Achieve Tactical Operational Requirements

    Major General Adrian Ciolponea, Supreme Allied Commander Transformation Representative in Europe, NATO HQ

  • Introductory remarks on behalf of General Philippe Lavigne, Supreme Allied Commander Transformation, NATO Allied Command Transformation
  • Leveraging C-UAS measures in the planning, synchronization and support of all combat groups
  • Recognising C-UAS as an imperative for force protection and integrating capabilities into all Task Forces to enhance operational effectiveness
  • NATO SACT's perspective on the "drone arms race" and requisite acceleration in the adoption of novel technologies to counter malicious drone use
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    Virtual Address: Leveraging Tech Clusters to Rapidly Establish a C-UAS Advantage at a Time of Conflict: Ukraine’s Brave1 Initiative

    Nataliia Kushnerska, Chief Operating Officer, Brave1, Ukraine

  • Accelerating the domestic development of C-UAS capabilities to Proactively respond to significant hostile UAS technology leverage
  • Uniting state, military and private sector developers to provide cutting edge capabilities on the battlefield
  • Countering the drone threat at a time of resource scarcity: lessons learned from the antiShahed hackathon and plans for future iterations


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    Session Reserved for Gold Sponsor- Northrop Grumman

    Michael O'Hara, SHORAD Mission Solutions & Strategy Sr. Manager, Northrop Grumman Corporation



    Lessons Learned from C-UAS Tie23 and Looking Ahead to Tie24

    Mario Behn, DEU VNC/Principal Scientist, NATO C&I Agency

  • Ensuring high tech C-UAS solutions work together effectively in a range of testing scenarios
  • Working with over 300 participants from 18 member and partner nation NATO allies
  • Assessing the real world viability of emerging technologies in C-UAS including AI
  • Future plans for NATO to continue collaborating with industry to advance the C-UAS market
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    Towards Plug-and-Play C-UAS

    Scott Page, CTO- Roke (Futures) | Vigil AI, Roke

     In this talk Roke will discuss the ambitious challenge of developing plug-and-play C-UAS solutions and outline a number of key open challenges that must be addressed in order to deliver a true end-to-end interoperability vision.

  • Setting the scene - the plug and play nirvana
  • Open standards – syntax vs semantics
  • Lessons learnt and busting myths
  • Open challenges – sensor calibration and characterisation
  • On end-to-end customer experience



    Morning Coffee



    Task Force Drohne: The German Approach to Countering Drones and sUAs

    Lieutenant Colonel Rudiger Rauch, Assistant Branch Chief, Federal Ministry of Defense, Germany

  • Introduction to German C-UAS programmes
  • Task Force Drohne's role in improving C-UAS capabilities 
  • Accelerating, improving and supporting C-xUxS/ UxS
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    APS's Development of New Radars and Comprehensive CUAS Capabilities through Industry Partnerships, to Meet the Rapidly Growing Demands of Protecting the Airspace

    Dr Arun Arumugam, Sales Director, Advanced Protection Systems SA

     • About APS - producer, integrator, and partner of choice
    • Overview of our new products - hardware and software
    • Examples of our successful industrial partnerships
    • Our focus on Polish market (NATO Eastern Flank) and collaborations and international partnerships



    Redefining Counter-UAS Defence to Address Fast-changing Threat Environment

    Yoav Zaltzman, CEO, SentryCS

     • What does building the ultimate counter-drone solution look like?
    • Lessons learned from other industries, about scale, cost efficiency, and agility
    • The synergies Protocol Analytics solutions generate with other technologies
    • The unmatched advantages of Protocol Analytics technology



    Panel Discussion- AI and C-UAS: Responsibly Innovating to Maximise Competitive Advantage

  • Scoping out use cases for AI application and maximising performance improvement
  • Identifying knowledge gaps in existing procedures from R&D to procurement
  • Assessing ethical and practical requirements and considerations to achieve effective AI integration
  • Dr Cristian Coman, Principal Scientist, NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCI Agency)

    Liisa Janssens, Scientist, Emerging Disruptive Technologies and Law, TNO

    LTC Paul Lushenko, PhD, Assistant Professor and Director of Special Operations, US Army War College

    Sean Bittick, C-UAS and Capability Development Officer, Innovation, Hybrid and Cyber Division, NATO



    Networking Lunch



    Supply Chain Challenges: Navigating Cybersecurity Risks In cUAS

    Daniel Flack

    Daniel Flack, Subject Matter Expert / Exploitation Team Lead, Edgesource Corporation

  • Beyond Hardware: what are supply chain risks?
  • Continuous Vetting: the challenges and some approaches to supply chain concerns
  • Supply Chain Case Studies
  • DJI AeroScope & Upgrade Module
  • Specta Air vs. DJI Air 3
  • The Future: Supply chain insecurity and vulnerability is here to stay; what to do about it.



    RAF: Lessons Learned from the Introduction of a Kinetic C-UAS Capability

    Flight Lieutenant Paul McLoughlin, Officer Commanding No 2 Force Protection C-UAS Wing, Royal Air Force

  • How the RAF has developed the capacity to track, identify and defeat hostile drones
  • Improving the protection of key infrastructure including air bases in the UK and abroad
  • Embracing technological advancements and ensuring future system scalability
  • Specific challenges posed by kinetic solutions and assessment of the most effective methods
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    Leonardo’s C-UXV Solutions in the Naval Domain

    Marco Fani

    Marco Fani, Head of Underwater & Defence Business Solutions - Product Marketing, Leonardo

  • The threats in the new AsyW scenarios;
  • The Black Scorpion mini-torpedo for facing hostile UUV and USV;
  • The new LIONFISH 30 C-UAS system;
  • The 76/62 SR STRALES effectiveness in the AsyW.
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    Afternoon Tea



    Catalysing Strategic Initiatives and Supporting USAFE’s C-UAS Priorities: The Pentagon’s Checkmate Strategic Studies Group

    Dr James Bailey

    Dr James Bailey, Air Power Strategist, US Air Force

  • The value of providing independent, critical assessment of proposed strategic actions for USAFE regarding C-UAS policy formulation
  • Avoiding “fighting the last war” by looking across the full spectrum of conflict and proactively preparing for future UAS threats
  • Tracking the evolution of C-UAS tech and how it impacts future developments
  • clock


    Joint Services Panel Discussion: Aligning Capabilities Across Services and Ensuring a Cohesive Procurement Strategy

  • Overview of current interagency efforts to procure and integrate effective C-UAS systems
  • Ensuring effective protection of critical defence infrastructure, installations and assets: insights into leading European militaries
  • Lessons learned from Ukraine and areas of focus for future unified strategies
  • Captain Rens Govaers, Delegate of Bureau Rockets & Missiles C-UAS Project Team, General Directorate Material Resources, Belgian Armed Forces

    Reserve Captain Andrus Padar

    Reserve Captain Andrus Padar, Expert of Remote Sensing Research and Development Centre / Head of S2 section, Estonian Academy of Security Sciences

    Private First Class Harijs Osis

    Private First Class Harijs Osis, C-UAV Specialist, National Armed Forces Of Latvia

    Jose Antonio Cebrian de Barrio

    Jose Antonio Cebrian de Barrio, Head of Critical Communications SIRDEE, R&D Department and CUAs Department, Spanish Ministry of Interior



    A Comprehensive Approach to Countering Unmanned Aircraft Systems

    Lieutenant Colonel Andre Haider, SME UAS, NATO Joint Air Power Competence Centre

  • The difference of having to counter commercial drones or military UAS
  • The challenge of drone defense under peacetime regulations
  • Education and training for countering UAS in wartime
  • Immediate drone response measures in peacetime
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    Chair's Closing Remarks and Close of Day Two

    Roy Bookham, Chief Scientist, C-UAS Platforms Division, DSTL

    Supreme Allied Commander Transformation Representative in Europe
    Head UK Joint C-UAS Office
    Ministry of Defence
    Chief Operating Officer
    Brave1, Ukraine
    Assistant Research Fellow
    Institute for National Defence and Security Research
    Managing Director AARONIA AT
    Officer Commanding No 2 Force Protection C-UAS Wing
    Royal Air Force
    C-UAS and Capability Development Officer, Innovation, Hybrid and Cyber Division
    Scientist, Emerging Disruptive Technologies and Law
    Sr Director, MDA Business Development
    NATO Defence Against Terrorism DAT Counter UAV Chairman and Professor, Department of Ballistics and Weapon Systems
    NATO and Belgium Royal Military Academy
    VP, Sales
    D-Fend Solutions
    Chief Engineer/ Expert Battlefield Radars
    Business Development Manager
    Robin Radar Systems BV
    Air and Missile Defence Department Chief
    General Command of Polish Armed Forces
    Delegate of Bureau Rockets & Missiles C-UAS Project Team, General Directorate Material Resources
    Belgian Armed Forces
    Director of Foresight Modeling and Simulation Section, System Development Center
    National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology
    Director, C-Mini/Micro UAS Centre of Excellence
    Italian Army
    Subject Matter Expert / Exploitation Team Lead
    Edgesource Corporation
    Sales Director
    Advanced Protection Systems SA
    Principal Scientist
    NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCI Agency)
    Air Power Strategist
    US Air Force
    Head of Critical Communications SIRDEE, R&D Department and CUAs Department
    Spanish Ministry of Interior
    Head of Business Development Surveillance System
    Weibel Scientific A/S
    VP Marketing
    Echodyne Corp.
    NATO Joint Air Power Competence Centre
    Naval and Air Warfare Weapons Liaison
    Office of Naval Research
    Assistant Branch Chief
    Federal Ministry of Defense, Germany
    Deputy CEM BAPPS, Air Defense and Air Operations Command
    French Air Force
    Above Water Battlespace, IAMD Effects Capability Sponsor
    Royal Navy
    Assistant Professor and Director of Special Operations
    US Army War College
    Head of Underwater & Defence Business Solutions - Product Marketing
    DEU VNC/Principal Scientist
    NATO C&I Agency
    SHORAD Mission Solutions & Strategy Sr. Manager
    Northrop Grumman Corporation
    C-UAV Specialist
    National Armed Forces Of Latvia
    Expert of Remote Sensing Research and Development Centre / Head of S2 section
    Estonian Academy of Security Sciences
    Chief Scientist, C-UAS Platforms Division
    CTO- Roke (Futures) | Vigil AI
    SO2 Counter-small Uncrewed Air Systems, Project 6 Lead
    British Army HQ

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    Grosvenor Square, London, United Kingdom

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    2024 Preliminary Attendees


    Speaker Interview - Lieutenant Colonel Paul Lushenko,PhD


    Speaker Interview: Jose Antonio Cebrian de Barrio


    Speaker interview - Group Captain Gary Darby


    Speaker Interview - Dr James Bailey


    Speaker Interview - Colonel Alessio Gronchi


    Speaker Interview - Private First Class Harijs Osis


    Speaker Interview - Captain Rens Govaers




    Past Presentation - Thomas Viala


    Past Presentation - Rens Govaers


    Past Speaker Presentation - Lieutenant Colonel Rudiger Rauch


    Past Presentation - Lars Krogh Vammen


    Past Presentation - Mario Behn


    Chairmans letter


    Sponsors and Exhibitors

    Advanced Protection Systems

    Gold Sponsor

    Advanced Protection Systems from Gdynia creates pioneering FIELDctrl 3D MIMO radars and SKYctrl anti-drone systems that detect and neutralise unmanned aerial vehicles.

    The company independently develops, manufactures and implements every component of the technology in-house: from integrated circuits, electronics, mechatronics to software and final implementation.

    Advanced Protection Systems radar technologies protect key locations around the world. The company cooperates, among others, with telecommunication corporations from the Gulf region, the airport network in Norway, the Azoty Group and the Port of Gdynia.

    The SKYctrl system has been part of the equipment of the Ukrainian Armed Forces since the end of September and is already being used in the war zone.

    "So far, this is the best system that I and the other units have seen and experienced," shared one of the Ukrainian commanders.


    Gold Sponsor

    BlueHalo is purpose-built to provide industry-leading capabilities in the domains of Space, C-UAS and Autonomous Systems, Cyber, and AI/ML. BlueHalo focuses on inspired engineering to develop, transition, and field next-generation capabilities to solve the most complex challenges of our customers’ critical missions and reestablish our national security posture in the near-peer contested arena. Learn more at http://www.bluehalo.com.


    Gold Sponsor

    Echodyne is a U.S. designer and manufacturer of advanced radar solutions for government and homeland security applications. The company’s proprietary metamaterials electronically scanned array (MESA®) is a rare breakthrough in advanced radar engineering. Leveraging a novel physics-design approach, Echodyne combines solid-state, low-SWaP designs with advanced software capabilities to deliver superior performance and data integrity, radically improving system performance and enhancing safety. With leading positions in counter-drone, border security, public safety, and VIP asset security, security companies and governmental agencies rely on Echodyne radar for extraordinary accuracy and consistent, reliable operation. For more information, please visit: Echodyne.com.

    Northrop Grumman Corporation

    Gold Sponsor

    Northrop Grumman solves the toughest problems in space, aeronautics, defense and cyberspace to meet the ever evolving needs of our customers worldwide. Our 100,000 employees are Defining Possible every day using science, technology and engineering to create and deliver advanced systems, products and services.


    Gold Sponsor

    Roke is a leading UK innovator in science and engineering. For over 60 years we’ve been improving the world through innovation by combining the physical and digital in new ways. Our journey began in defence but as the decades have rolled on, we're also inventing and engineering technically advanced data and communication systems in national security and for Fortune 500 companies. From innovations in computer vision powering the autonomous landing of a drone at sea, to an artificial intelligence inspection system that drastically reduces aircraft turnaround times by autonomously inspecting jet turbines. Right through to the technology behind Hawk-Eye tracking the trajectory of balls in sport. It all began at Roke.

    Roke people are curious and unashamedly technical. That’s why we’ve fostered an environment where some of the world’s finest minds have the time, trust and freedom to succeed. Our team of 600+ engineers are uniquely placed to use their deep knowledge of sensors, communications, cyber and AI to combine and apply these technologies to keep people safe whilst unlocking value. Working closely with our customers we solve real world technical challenges and help deliver critical missions. As a trusted partner, we welcome any problem confident that our consulting, research, innovation and product development will help them revolutionise and improve their world. We’re proud to be part of the Chemring Group plc, providing us with complementary expertise, corporate strength and access to international markets for our world-leading intellectual property


    Gold Sponsor

    Convexum are excited to announce they have rebranded to Sentrycs. With this name and brand change we embark on a new journey that reflects the evolution of our company, and our commitment to protecting the sky from threats caused by unauthorized commercial drones, while enabling the progress drones are bringing to society, and contributing to a healthy drone economy. Under our new ownership by Treo Asset Management, we will keep focusing on providing the best possible service to and protecting the interests of our customers and partners while driving the Integrated Counter-drone category in the market. If you want to learn more, you can read the press release we've just published. We hope that you will join us in embracing this new chapter and continue to support us as we strive to foster a safe and secure drone-empowered future. Thank you for following Convexum. We look forward to continuing our joint journey as Sentrycs. Visit us at sentrycs.com

    Weibel Scientific A/S

    Gold Sponsor

    Weibel Scientific is a high-tech radar company that since the 1970s has been dedicated to provide precision data for user all over the world. The modern day company develops and produces a wide range of tactical and instrumentation X-band Doppler-based radars, utilizing CW, MFCW and FMCW waveforms for small object detection and tracking with high resolution in both the velocity and range domain. Weibel Scientific’s portfolio ranges from small muzzle velocity radars to radars for the full IAMD spectrum. The technology covers applications from counter drone operations around high value targets through SHORAD/LLAD to air surveillance radars for GBAD and upper tier air defense applications and BMD capable radars. Throughout the last 40 years, Weibel has provided more than 5000 radars to more than 50 countries.

    Sponsors and Exhibitors


    Sponsors and Exhibitors

    Anduril is a defense products company. Unlike most defense companies, we don’t wait for our customers to tell us what they need. We identify problems, privately fund our R&D and sell finished products off the shelf. Ideas are turned into deployed capabilities in months, not years, saving the government and taxpayers money along the way.

    CPM Elettronica

    Sponsors and Exhibitors

    CPM Elettronica is a leading provider of exclusive, high-quality equipment for security and radio frequency applications, with a strong focus on RF jamming systems. With 30 years of expertise in product development, we continually evolve to meet the dynamic challenges in the field. All our products are engineered and manufactured in-house, allowing us to offer tailor-made solutions that precisely cater to our clients’ needs. Our cutting-edge offerings excel at identifying, assessing, and neutralizing potential land and air threats, ensuring the utmost safety, security, and privacy for critical infrastructure. Our diverse product portfolio includes convoy, transportable, fixed and anti drone jammers, drone detection systems, and integrated C-UAV solutions.

    D-Fend Solutions Ltd.

    Sponsors and Exhibitors

    D-Fend Solutions is the leading counter-drone takeover technology provider, enabling full control, safety and continuity during rogue drone incidents across complex and sensitive environments, to overcome both current and emerging drone threats. With hundreds of deployments worldwide, EnforceAir, the company’s flagship offering, focuses on the most dangerous drone threats in military, public safety, airport, prison, major event and critical infrastructure environments. D-Fend Solutions’ technology has been chosen as best-in-class and is in deployment at top-tier U.S. government agencies – including with U.S. military, federal law enforcement and homeland security – as well as major international airports globally. EnforceAir autonomously executes RF, cyber-takeovers of rogue drones for a safe landing and outcome, ensuring the smooth flow of communications, commerce, transportation and everyday life.

    Edgesource Corporation

    Sponsors and Exhibitors

    Edgesource provides a complete package of advanced sUAS/CsUAS technical development to include rapid prototyping, technical exploitation, digital forensics, systems & software engineering, integration, and post-deployment systems and software support services. The team provides complex systems analysis, design and development, and rapid prototyping for C5ISR systems, sensors, sUAS and C-sUAS technologies for battlefield advantage.


    Sponsors and Exhibitors

    HENSOLDT is a leading company in the European defence industry with global reach. Based in Taufkirchen near Munich, the company develops complete sensor solutions for defence and security applications. As a technology leader, HENSOLDT drives the development of defence electronics and optronics and is continuously expanding its portfolio based on innovative approaches to data management, robotics and cyber security. With more than 6,500 employees, HENSOLDT achieved a turnover of 1.7 billion euros in 2022. HENSOLDT is listed in the MDAX on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.


    Sponsors and Exhibitors

    L3Harris Technologies is an agile global aerospace and defense technology innovator, delivering end-to-end solutions that meet customers’ mission-critical needs. The company provides advanced defense and commercial technologies across air, land, sea, space and cyber domains. L3Harris has approximately $18 billion in annual revenue, 48,000 employees and customers in over 100 countries. L3Harris.com


    Sponsors and Exhibitors

    Leonardo, a global high-technology company, is among the top world players in Aerospace, Defence and Security and Italy’s main industrial company. Organized into five business divisions, Leonardo has a significant industrial presence in Italy, the United Kingdom, Poland and the USA, where it also operates through subsidiaries and joint ventures and partnerships. Leonardo competes in the most important international markets by leveraging its areas of technological and product leadership (Helicopters, Aircraft, Aerostructures, Electronics, Cyber Security and Space).

    Leonardo has developed remotely piloted systems and technologies across all domains, with significant investment in platforms, sensors, communications, control systems, in addition to counter-drone capabilities and technologies for uncrewed systems’ traffic management and air traffic control. The company’s continued development and integration of cutting-edge solutions across all domains of remotely-piloted and autonomous/semi-autonomous systems and technologies is a key element of Leonardo’s BeTomorrow2030 Strategic Plan

    Leonardo DRS

    Sponsors and Exhibitors

    DRS RADA Technologies is a pioneer of combat-proven, multi-mission software-defined radars for enhanced survivability of on-the-move operations. Offering a wide range of compact, lightweight radar platforms based on cutting-edge 4D AESA pulse Doppler technology, our systems enable lifesaving, mission-critical capabilities for the maneuver force. With simultaneous multi-mission capability, our tactical radar systems provide real-time 360° Situation Awareness for operational superiority.

    MSI-Defence Systems

    Sponsors and Exhibitors

    MSI-Defence Systems has a rich heritage in the design and manufacture of defence equipment in the UK.

    The company expanded rapidly through the early 20th century and was manufacturing defence equipment prior to the First World War. Searchlight assemblies and mechanical computers are just some of the many items designed and built for the Navy, Army and fledgling Air Force.

    In the 1930s, working with the UK Admiralty Research Establishment, the company became heavily involved in the supply of electro-mechanical computers for both surface ship large gun fire control and submarine torpedo fire control systems.

    With the advent of digital control technologies in the 1970s, the company migrated to the design and supply of sophisticated above water and underwater weapons and sensor platforms, the core technologies employed by the company today.


    Sponsors and Exhibitors

    Founded in 2010, we’re dedicated to supplying and integrating innovative systems that create safer spaces globally for all.

    With a wide range of solutions designed to offer comprehensive situational intelligence in the face of risks both on the ground and in the air, we’re on a mission to help provide the expertise needed to lead the protection of people, property, and planet.

    Holding decades of experience, we always tailor our solutions to meet the technical requirements and risks faced by our clients. As a result, we ensure comprehensive awareness, and always aim to support a site’s security, regardless of the environment or sector.


    Sponsors and Exhibitors

    QinetiQ is an integrated global defence and security company focused on mission-led innovation. We have been researching aerial threats and developing and consulting on Counter Drone solutions for more than a decade. Our purpose is protecting lives by serving the national security interests of our customers. We employ more than 8,000 highly-skilled people, committed to creating new ways of testing technologies, systems, and processes to make sure they meet operational needs; and enabling customers to deploy new and enhanced capabilities with the assurance they will deliver the performance required.

    Robin Radar Systems

    Sponsors and Exhibitors

    Robin Radar Systems is a Netherlands-based technology leader in radar systems for tracking and classification of small targets. Combining affordable sensors with smart software, Robin provides actionable information to increase safety and security with its specialised bird and drone radars. Robin’s advanced drone detection radars are used at airports, and for protecting critical infrastructure, military installations, and security events the world over. Our flagship counter-drone radar, IRIS®, has the capacity to detect and track rogue drones, automatically distinguishing them from birds with full 360° coverage; providing essential support for military operations and VIP events. Robin’s installed base of radars is over 140 and counting. For more info visit www.robinradar.com


    Sponsors and Exhibitors

    TUALCOM is a leading provider of high-tech communications and RF-Microwave products. Founded in 2013,TUALCOM has developed a wide range of products for a variety of applications, including GPS/GNSS Anti-Jam, Telemetry, Data Acquisition, Flight Termination, Electronic Warfare, and 5G Communication Systems. TUALCOM's products are used by leading defense companies and unmanned system manufacturers around the world. TUALCOM is a leader in the development of GPS/GNSS Anti-Jam Systems and is committed to providing innovative and reliable solutions to customers.

    Media Partners

    Asian Military Review


    Asian Military Review is ABC audited publication, read & discussed by key decision makers & advisors to Asia Pacific militaries. Published since 1993 it’s widely recognised as authoritative provider of unbiased & objective information to Asian military. Editorial content comprises capability analysis, special reports & relevant news coverage from the region. AMR provides information, opinion & facts allowing military professionals to track & understand defence developments worldwide, concerning equipment, training, organisation & doctrine issues. The magazine is a proven source keeping military professionals up to date on national & international defence & security issues.



    Professionals in the Aerospace & Defence market use the ASD Media internet platforms to:
    • Be informed on the latest market developments; www.asd-network.com
    • Find the latest business news; www.asd-network.com
    • Find the upcoming events; www.asd-network.com
    • Find companies and organizations; www.asdsource.com
    • Distribute news globally. www.asdwire.com
    The ASD Media platforms are well known and used intensively, your company is able to benefit from these large numbers of users. Be informed with ASD-Network; Create exposure for your company with ASDSource, distribute your news with ASDWire or advertise with us, build your brand and increase traffic to your company’s website.

    For more detailed information please contact with: ASD MEDIA

    Defence Global


    Defence Global provides an essential link between the Defence & Security Manufacturers and Suppliers, Government and Military sectors globally. Defence Global is a quarterly, tri-service publication providing articles and informative analysis from respected journalists and writers worldwide to attract a sophisticated and broad audience. Defence Global is published in February, May, August and November, with a professional and stylish design in both printed copy and digital format. The printed copies are perfect bound, full colour throughout with high quality art and photography. Defence Global is used as a reference tool providing a professional and intelligent read. We work with industry experts and corporate clients to include Defence and Security Manufacturers and Suppliers, as well as Governments, MoDs, Military Authorities and Senior Management Teams.

    Defence Industry Europe


    Defence Industry Europe is a professional website focusing on the defence industry in Europe and worldwide. Our coverage focuses on the modernization of European armed forces, exploring advancements in defense technology, industry developments, and the evolution of defense businesses and their key players. Additionally, we provide insightful reports on political events at both the European and national levels that significantly impact the defence sector.

    Unmanned Systems Technology


    Unmanned Systems Technology.com (UST) is dedicated to technology and innovation within unmanned systems. Our website and weekly e-newsletter provide up-to-the-minute information about technological developments in this sector – both military and commercial – to a global audience, with over 80,000 visitors from over 200 countries every month. Our comprehensive supplier profiles showcase products, services and capabilities in the unmanned land, sea and air vehicle industry.

    C-UAS Hub


    This information hub for Counter-UAS and airspace awareness content includes news, original articles, vendors, products, services, jobs, events, multimedia content, and a comprehensive reference library. This site is an excellent resource for professionals from the defense, public safety, government, academia, critical infrastructure, corporate security, and private security sectors.

    Armada International


    ARMADA INTERNATIONAL is leading defence magazine which reports on and analyses defence systems, equipment and technology. Together with its Compendium supplements, ARMADA provides defence planners in the militaries, in government, in procurement and in the defence industry itself with the information they need to plan their strategies.

    My Dear Drone


    Are you a UAV Fan? MyDearDrone is perfect for you because it's a free, original and best community to learn everything from news, reviews, guides and much more about drone and it's technology. So come and experience the Quadcopter (UAV) world with us.

    UAS Weekly


    UASweekly.com is an independent and authoritative source for Unmanned Aerial Systems and Drone industry news and information. Our industry-focused approach provides you with the latest news, product reviews, videos, and unbiased perspective on the UAS and commercial drone market.

    Unmanned Network


    The Unmanned Network connects unmanned stakeholders throughout the extensive unmanned ecosystem - from OEMs, via sub-system manufacturers, service providers, to end-users, and all other relevant parties. Requirements, posted directly by network members, are immediately converted to direct, viable leads to other members of the network with instant access via the unique opportunity module. Whether as a company, or as an individual, and seeking unmanned systems, components, services, consulting, open positions (HR), manufacturing, logistics, training, events and more the network is the perfect platform.


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    CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development’. It is essentially a philosophy, which maintains that in order to be effective, learning should be organised and structured. The most common definition is:

    ‘A commitment to structured skills and knowledge enhancement for Personal or Professional competence’

    CPD is a common requirement of individual membership with professional bodies and Institutes. Increasingly, employers also expect their staff to undertake regular CPD activities.

    Undertaken over a period of time, CPD ensures that educational qualifications do not become obsolete, and allows for best practice and professional standards to be upheld.

    CPD can be undertaken through a variety of learning activities including instructor led training courses, seminars and conferences, e:learning modules or structured reading.


    There are approximately 470 institutes in the UK across all industry sectors, with a collective membership of circa 4 million professionals, and they all expect their members to undertake CPD.

    For some institutes undertaking CPD is mandatory e.g. accountancy and law, and linked to a licence to practice, for others it’s obligatory. By ensuring that their members undertake CPD, the professional bodies seek to ensure that professional standards, legislative awareness and ethical practices are maintained.

    CPD Schemes often run over the period of a year and the institutes generally provide online tools for their members to record and reflect on their CPD activities.


    Professional bodies and Institutes CPD schemes are either structured as ‘Input’ or ‘Output’ based.

    ‘Input’ based schemes list a precise number of CPD hours that individuals must achieve within a given time period. These schemes can also use different ‘currencies’ such as points, merits, units or credits, where an individual must accumulate the number required. These currencies are usually based on time i.e. 1 CPD point = 1 hour of learning.

    ‘Output’ based schemes are learner centred. They require individuals to set learning goals that align to professional competencies, or personal development objectives. These schemes also list different ways to achieve the learning goals e.g. training courses, seminars or e:learning, which enables an individual to complete their CPD through their preferred mode of learning.

    The majority of Input and Output based schemes actively encourage individuals to seek appropriate CPD activities independently.

    As a formal provider of CPD certified activities, SAE Media Group can provide an indication of the learning benefit gained and the typical completion. However, it is ultimately the responsibility of the delegate to evaluate their learning, and record it correctly in line with their professional body’s or employers requirements.


    Increasingly, international and emerging markets are ‘professionalising’ their workforces and looking to the UK to benchmark educational standards. The undertaking of CPD is now increasingly expected of any individual employed within today’s global marketplace.

    CPD Certificates

    We can provide a certificate for all our accredited events. To request a CPD certificate for a conference , workshop, master classes you have attended please email events@saemediagroup.com

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