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Announcement: Due to ongoing concerns over COVID-19, this event has now become online only and will be virtual

SAE Media Group are proud to announce that the inaugural Military PNT conference will convene on 19th – 20th October 2020 to provide an in depth view of satellite navigation technology.

With projections estimating that a 30-day GPS outage could cost US industry $45bn, the need for robust, resilient and secure PNT is a mission imperative for commanders across the Air Force, Army and Navy.

This takes added importance at a time when the Galileo constellation is starting to reach full operating capability, the US GPS Block III satellites are set to be launched to keep the constellation functioning, and the UK is exploring Galileo alternatives in the wake of its leaving the European Union. There is a clear and pressing need for national militaries, industry partners and allied nations to come together and discuss how the Global Navigation Satellite Systems will be developed and employed.

Key reasons to attend:

1. Military briefings from the US DoD comprehensively covering GPS and NTS-3 programmes: highlighting the present and future of US PNT

2. Hear about a diverse array of topics including PNT resilience, legal frameworks, case study analysis on GNSS outages and warfighter navigation requirements

3. Understand how the UK’s Positioning, Navigation and Timings landscape will look in a post-Galileo environment

4. Engage with senior military and industry leaders to understand the warfighters needs for operating in degraded and denied environments with resilient PNT and explore capabilities showcased within a dedicated exhibition hall.

The SMi Virtual Conference Platform will deliver the following benefits:

  • Live and On Demand speaker content: Get access to the latest strategies and case studies from your market place online!
  • Network with all the event attendees: Connect, see who’s attending, chat and share contact details with all online delegates, speakers and sponsors
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Conference agenda



Chairman's Opening Remarks

Mr Nik Smith

Mr Nik Smith, Regional Director UK and Europe, Lockheed Martin UK Space



Robust Global Navigation System – Providing the Backbone of Capability for the UK MoD

Squadron Leader Mark Lynch

Squadron Leader Mark Lynch, Beyond Line Of Sight Desk Officer & SO2 SATCOM and PNT, UK Strategic Command, UK MoD

  • An introduction to the R-GNS programme, its focus and ambition
  • Delivery of satellite receivers for R-GNS: commercial collaboration and embedded resilience and anti-interference features
  • Operating in a multi-constellation, multi-service satellite navigation sector – enabling accurate and safe navigation
  • SwAP considerations for ground segment receivers and terminals
  • Future priorities for UK MoD – where additional partnership will be possible
  • clock


    UK’s Space Based PNT Programme

    Mr Mark Bacon

    Mr Mark Bacon, Head of Policy, Space Based PNT Programme, UK Space Agency

  • Launch of the new programme announced by the UK Government last month
  • Examining options to deliver assured Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) services
  • Aims and objectives of the new programme
  • How to engage with the new programme
  • clock


    DGA Requirements for Future Secured Access to PNT

    Commandant Marina Ballanger, Head of Navigation, Technical Division, DGA

  • PNT and its role in supporting the warfighter – why it is important
  • Integrating anti-jamming and anti-spoofing capabilities into resilient and secure systems
  • Alternative sources for PNT data for denied environment operations
  • Future requirements for robust capabilities
  • clock


    Morning Break



    Accurate timing for GNSS and PNT Applications

  • The importance of time – independent of GNSS
  • Current S&T into time and synchronisation
  • Use cases and exploitation
  • Alternative approaches to synchronisation across the military domain
  • The importance of time – independent of GNSS
  • Current S&T into time and synchronisation
  • Use cases and exploitation
  • Alternative approaches to synchronisation across the military domain
  • Dr Bryn James, Senior Fellow - Dstl Physical Sciences Group, Dstl



    National Resiliency in Timing

    Dr Leon Lobo, Head of the National Timing Centre, National Physical Laboratory

  • Protecting the national time scale
  • GNSS-independent timing for CNI
  • Stimulating a supply chain in timing and dissemination solutions
  • Addressing the skills gap
  • clock


    Lunch Break



    Providing Assured Satellite Navigation and Anti-Spoofing Research

    Mr Alexander Rügamer, Group Manager Specialized GNSS Receivers, Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS

  • Generating a spoofing resistant PNT system to support the German MoD
  • Encryption for navigation services: continuously available signal in space to provide greater robustness
  • Antenna array solutions to mitigate PNT interference and spoofing
  • Sophisticated PNT interference and spoofing testing solutions
  • clock


    GNSS Programme Developments for the Italian MoD

    Commander Giancarlo Melicchio, Chief of GNSS Section, General Space Office, Italian Defence General Staff

  • Current status of Italy’s PNT network – space segment considerations
  • Italian integration into the Galileo constellation – collaboration with key partners on the project
  • Why GNSS is important: a global system for an expeditionary force
  • Future priorities for PNT development from an Italian perspective
  • clock


    Arctic PNT – Key Considerations

    Dr Sarang Thombre, Research Manager & Research Group Leader, Navigation and Positioning, Finnish Geospatial Research Institute FGI

  • Aurora SNOWBOX as a key infrastructure in the Arctic PNT innovation platform
  • Utilising the infrastructure of SNOWBOX and the GNSS reference stations
  • Data analysis to optimise PNT when deployed in Arctic environments
  • Overcoming environmental limitations to provide accurate positioning for varied applications
  • clock


    Afternoon Break



    Technology Roadmap for Military PNT

    Dr Adam Schofield

    Dr Adam Schofield, Senior Scientific Technology Manager for PNT,, US Army

  • Developing an open architecture approach for future capability development
  • Working with allied partners to deliver an interoperable system
  • Developing links with other DoD services and transition partners
  • Architecture standards and approaches for next generation PNT
  • clock


    GPS – the Backbone of US PNT Capability

    Lieutenant Colonel Michael Schriever

    Lieutenant Colonel Michael Schriever, Commander 2nd Space Operations Squadron, US Space Force

  • An introduction to GPS: providing navigational data for the warfighter
  • Ensuring passive all-weather operations: work of the 2nd Space Operations Squadron
  • Cryptology and secured access: cyber considerations for robust PNT provision
  • C2 for mission sets for GPS: improving signal accuracy
  • clock


    Future Position, Navigation and Timing (PNT) Technology for the 21st Century

    Ms. Tonya Ladwig, Vice President Navigation Systems, Lockheed Martin Space

  • Understanding the impact of the PNT Ecosystem
  • Economic impact of PNT interruption
  •  Future Technology Insertion
  • clock


    A Contrarian's View of Satellite Navigation

    Dr Stuart Eves, Director, SJE Space Ltd



    Chairman’s Closing Remarks and Close of Day One

    Mr Nik Smith

    Mr Nik Smith, Regional Director UK and Europe, Lockheed Martin UK Space



    Chairman's Opening Remarks

    Dr Stuart Eves, Director, SJE Space Ltd



    Road Map for Future European Satellite Navigation

    Dr Robert Weber, Head of Satellite Geodesy Research Group & AUSPRO Lead , TU-Vienna & FFG

  • Development of GALILEO and signal in space services – where there is room for regional augmentations
  • European GNSS and technical opportunities with Austrian GNSS service providers
  • Future potential and user needs in positioning accuracy and real-time data monitoring systems
  • Mesh network provision: increasing the resilience and robustness of PNT service provision
  • clock


    The Vulnerability of Modern Society to a Loss of GNSS

    Mr Rasmus Flytkjær, Associate Director, Space, London Economics

  • London Economics work with the Danish government to produce key reports on GNSS reliance
  • Analysis of Denmark’s PNT resilience, redundancy and where outages would impact provision of services
  • Lessons learned for development of PNT systems and how to enhance their robustness
  • clock


    Morning Break



    French Collaboration within European GNSS Efforts

    Mr Jean-Pierre Diris

    Mr Jean-Pierre Diris, Head of Department, Navigation and Telecommunication, National Centre for Space Studies (CNES)

  • Monitoring GNSS systems
  • Precise positioning applications
  • Future trends on navigation
  • clock


    PNT Resilience: A Legal Perspective

    Dr Ingo Baumann, Attorney at Law & Partner, BHO Legal

  • Spoofing and jamming of GNSS signals are a growing concern for deployed
  • GNSS are very vulnerable due to the low power of signals
  • Military operations however have to rely on PNT
  • Case studies of recent GNSS spoofing and jamming cases both in military and civil domains
  • Legal framework applicable to spoofing and jamming on national and international (ITU and UN) level
  • clock


    Combination of Constellations as a Means to Provide Resilient PNT

    Lieutenant Colonel Tim Vasen, Space SME, C4ISR & Space Branch, Joint Airpower Competence Centre (JAPCC)

  • Evolution of NATO operations – the growth of reliance on space systems and PNT
  • NAVWAR doctrines and asymmetrical threats: what this means for NATO operation in degraded environments
  • Combination of GPS and Galileo as a means to provide more frequencies and a greater number of satellite data sources to improve overall PNT service
  • Overcoming PNT challenges – either by user or geographical requirements
  • clock


    Lunch Break



    APNT Cross-Functional Team: Enabling the Warfighter with Effective and Resilient PNT Capabilities

    Mr Willie Nelson (SES)

    Mr Willie Nelson (SES), Director, APNT Cross Functional Team, US Army

  • Overview of the APNT CFT and its mission to ensure the Army remains effective in contested environments
  • Where PNT integrates into the kill-chain and its role in the Army’s future Joint All-Domain Operations concept
  • MAPS and DAPS: creating next-generation PNT systems for mounted and dismounted warfighters, and the added capabilities they will bring
  • Integrated Visual Augmentation System: insight into the future of battlefield HUDs and the challenges of fielding this capability
  • clock


    R&D in Future Positioning, Navigation and Timing

    Dr John Burke, Program Manager, Microsystems Technology Office MTO, DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency)

  • High stability, low noise sensors and frequency synthesis in support of new PNT capabilities
  • Miniaturised atomic clocks for future PNT applications: progress within the ACES program
  • PNT technology and its impact on GPS users
  • Blackjack and future small satellite enabled future positioning and timing accuracy
  • Where next for future research: providing robust and resilient PNT moving forward
  • clock


    Chairman’s Closing Remarks and Close of Day Two

    Dr Stuart Eves, Director, SJE Space Ltd

    Head of Navigation, Technical Division
    Chief of GNSS Section, General Space Office
    Italian Defence General Staff
    Senior Scientific Technology Manager for PNT,
    US Army
    Senior Fellow - Dstl Physical Sciences Group
    Attorney at Law & Partner
    BHO Legal
    Program Manager, Microsystems Technology Office MTO
    DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency)
    Head of the National Timing Centre
    National Physical Laboratory
    Head of Satellite Geodesy Research Group & AUSPRO Lead
    TU-Vienna & FFG
    Research Manager & Research Group Leader, Navigation and Positioning
    Finnish Geospatial Research Institute FGI
    SJE Space Ltd
    Commander 2nd Space Operations Squadron
    US Space Force
    Space SME, C4ISR & Space Branch
    Joint Airpower Competence Centre (JAPCC)
    Group Manager Specialized GNSS Receivers
    Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS
    Head of Department, Navigation and Telecommunication
    National Centre for Space Studies (CNES)
    Head of Policy, Space Based PNT Programme
    UK Space Agency
    Regional Director UK and Europe
    Lockheed Martin UK Space
    Associate Director, Space
    London Economics
    Director, APNT Cross Functional Team
    US Army
    Vice President Navigation Systems
    Lockheed Martin Space
    Beyond Line Of Sight Desk Officer & SO2 SATCOM and PNT, UK Strategic Command
    UK MoD

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    Speaker Interview with Dr Leon Lobo, National Physical Laboratory


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    Speaker interview with Lieutenant Colonel Tim Vasen, JAPCC


    Military PNT 2020 Brochure


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