SAE Media Group are delighted to announce the second annual Counter UAS Technology Europe Conference, taking place in London on 16-17 April 2024.

With the growing proliferation of small drones and UAS technology, European armed forces and security agencies seeking to protect critical national infrastructure at home and also forward deployed personnel operating abroad. The European Counter UAS market is constantly growing with new programmes and projects announced. There has therefore never been a more important time for European C-UAS stakeholders to meet and network at Counter UAS Technology Europe 2024.

Counter UAS Technology Europe 2024 will showcase the very latest technology in the market to ensure that European personnel, equipment and infrastructure are protected from the proliferation of drones.

Speakers will feature from leading European C-UAS Programme Managers, wider international defence organisations and the top industry providers.


  • Hear from European Senior Leadership and Programme Managers on how they are utilising technology to combat UAS
  • Meet and Network with international speakers from NATO and allied nations to discover how they are protecting their defence networks from drone attack
  • Listen to how innovative technology is driving advancement and enabling defence to counter drone swarms and attacks
  • Meet industry solution providers to discover how to leverage their C-UAS platforms

Aaronia AG; AARONIA Austria GmbH; Advanced Protection Systems SA; AFWERX; Air Task Group, Advanced Protection Systems SA; Anduril Industries; Argus Interception GmbH; Armasuisse; Babcock International ; Babcock International Group; Belgian Armed Forces; Belgian Defence; BlueHalo; BME Consulting; British Army; Chess Dynamics Ltd; CILAS; Convexum; Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organization; Danish Ministry of Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organisation; DE&S; Defence Science and Technology, MOD; Department for International Trade; D-Fend Solutions; D-Fend Solutions UK; DroneAlert; DSTL; Dutch MOD; Echodyne; Echodyne Corp.; Edgesource Corporation; Elbit Systems BMD and Land EW Elisra LTD; Elbit Systems UK; ESG; ETG; European Commission; Federal Ministry of Defense, Germany; Federal Police Germany; Fortem Technologies; French Air Force; French Embassy; Frontier Vectors; General Command of Polish Armed Forces; IMP Castle Associates Limited; INTERPOL; ITAF; Italian Air Force; ITOPP; Janes; John Cockerill Defense; Kosovo Embassy London; L3Harris Technologies; Leonardo DRS; Leonardo UK; LWC; MBDA ; MCC RST – HQ LWC; Military; Ministry of Defence; MOD Hungary State Aviation Department; Moog Defence; NATO and Belgium Royal Military Academy; NATO C&I Agency; Northrop Grumman; Northrop Grumman Corporation; Norwegian National Police/EOD; OpenWorks Engineering; Orbital ATK Armament Systems; OSL; Portuguese Navy; Rajant Corporation; Raytheon Elcan Optical Technologies; RCMP; Robin Radar Systems BV; Roke Manor Research; Rokestan Missiles Industries Inc; Royal Air Force Leeming; Royal Danish Defence College; Royal Marines; Royal Netherlands Air Force; RUAG AG (Schweiz); Saab AB; Sentry View Systems LTD; Sentrycs; Spanish Army; SPX Technologies Inc; Squarehead Technology; Staffordshire University; Swedish Armed Forces Joint C5 School; Swedish Defence Research Agency; Swiss Centre for Drones and Robotics; Technology Innovation Institute; Thales UK; TRD; TRD Singapore; U.S. Army DEVCOM Aviation & Missile Center; U.S. Department of State; UCL; UK DSE; UK Ministry of Defence; UK Ministry of Defence - Dismounted Close Combat Team; UK MoD; UK MOD DE&S; Unmanned Airspace; US Air Forces Europe; US Army DEVCOM; US Embassy London; US Government; USN; USSOCOM; Walaris GmbH; Weibel Scientific A/S; XTE Ltd;

Conference agenda



Registration & Coffee



Chair's Opening Remarks

Roy Bookham, Chief Scientist, C-UAS Platforms Division, DSTL



MoD Keynote: How the UK MoD is Preparing for the Continually Evolving UAS Threat Landscape

Group Captain Gary Darby

Group Captain Gary Darby, Head UK Joint C-UAS Office, Ministry of Defence

 • Developing innovative systems to
enhance C-UAS efficiency: an
overview of current UK MoD projects

• Assessing the future of UAS and CUAS technology and measuring
current capability to enable a proactive

• Determining the extent to which AI/ML
and expert learning will upend current

• Collaborating with allies across the
spectrum of C-UAS programme



Session Reserved for Lead Sponsor - Aaronia AG



RAF Keynote: Lessons Learned from the Introduction of a Kinetic C-UAS Capability

Wing Commander Sam Wiseman

Wing Commander Sam Wiseman, Officer Commanding No 2 Force Protection C-UAS Wing, UK Ministry of Defence (Royal Air Force)

 • How the RAF has developed the capacity to track, identify and defeat hostile drones

• Improving the protection of key infrastructure including air bases in the UK and abroad

• Embracing technological advancements and ensuring future system scalability

• Specific challenges posed by kinetic solutions and assessment of the most effective methods



Session Reserved for Gold Sponsor- Weibel Doppler Radars



Morning Coffee



Session Reserved for Gold Sponsor- Echodyne



Army HQ Keynote Address: Achieving General Force Protection Capabilities and Initial Operational Learnings Six Months into Project 6

Squadron Leader Hugo Morris

Squadron Leader Hugo Morris, SO2 Counter-small Uncrewed Air Systems, Project 6 Lead, Joint Effects, Programmes Directorate, Army HQ

 • Enhancing the dismounted C-UAS
capabilities of front line operators
through targeted procurement of new

• Achieving interoperability and effective
integration through platform specific
technology insertions and ensuring
compatibility with existing systems

• The role of advanced image
processing in automatic target
acquisition to maximise mitigation
success rate

• Future developments and roadmap up
to 2030



Session Reserved for Gold Sponsor- BlueHalo



The Italian Lines of Effort for Developping New C-UAS systems.

Colonel Alessio Gronchi

Colonel Alessio Gronchi, Director, C-Mini/Micro UAS Centre of Excellence, Italian Army

  • The ongoing projects for the homeland security operations and for the protection of the troops
  • The C-UAS “on the move” capability: advantages and technical limits
  • The possible cooperation in a PeSCo project
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    Networking Lunch



    Session Reserved for Sponsor- Robin Radar Systems



    The French Experience of Deploying C-UAS Technology to Protect Large Scale Events: Lessons learned from the 2023 Rugby World Cup

    Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Viala

    Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Viala, Deputy CEM BAPPS, Air Defense and Air Operations Command, French Air Force

  • Working alongside the police and other security agencies to ensure CUAS security at the 2023 Rugby World Cup
  • Implementing a modular and easily transportable system capable of identifying and responding to UAS technology in an urban environment
  • Final preparations for the 2024 Olympics and necessary considerations to be made in the lead up to global scale events
  • clock


    Session Reserved for Sponsor



    Afternoon Tea



    Session Reserved for Sponsor



    Working With Other European Nations to Proactively Identify and Mitigate Future UAS Threats

    Lieutenant Colonel Rudiger Rauch

    Lieutenant Colonel Rudiger Rauch, Assistant Branch Chief, Federal Ministry of Defense, Germany

  • Protecting critical facilities in Germany with systems capable of upgrades to match future threats
  • Ensuring current urgent operational requirements are met
  • Deepening exchanges with other European military and civilian organisations
  • Recognising the need for multiple C-UAS solutions
  • clock


    Integrating Soft and Hard Kill Options into Existing C-UAS Programmes to Operate in a Domestic Environment

    Major Michel K.C Koopman

    Major Michel K.C Koopman, SQN Cdt 640 SQN NLD Air Force staff officer / C-UAS Program Manager, Airforce

  • Assessing kinetic options that are both capable of addressing security challenges and can also be operated in densely populated urban areas
  • Integrating C-UAS systems in other national services to maximise defence capabilities
  • Establishing cross-agency training facilities to increase accessibility and enable interagency collaboration
  • clock


    Chair’s Closing Remarks and Close of Day One

    Roy Bookham, Chief Scientist, C-UAS Platforms Division, DSTL



    Networking Session Hosted by AARONIA AG



    Registration & Coffee



    Chairman's Opening Remarks

    Roy Bookham, Chief Scientist, C-UAS Platforms Division, DSTL



    Achieving Thorough Integration of UAS Countermeasures to Achieve Tactical Operational Requirements

    Major General Adrian Ciolponea

    Major General Adrian Ciolponea, Supreme Allied Commander Transformation Representative in Europe, NATO HQ

  • Leveraging C-UAS measures in the planning, synchronization and support of all combat groups
  • Recognising C-UAS as an imperative for force protection and integrating capabilities into all Task Forces to enhance operational effectiveness
  • NATO SACT's perspective on the "drone arms race" and requisite acceleration in the adoption of novel technologies to counter malicious drone use
  • clock


    Building the Polish Integrated Multi-Layered AMD and C-UAS Concept

    Brigadier General Kazimierz Dynski

    Brigadier General Kazimierz Dynski , Air and Missile Defence Department Chief, General Command of Polish Armed Forces

  • Developing layered defence capabilities through leveraging proven capability and partner solutions
  • Updates on the SKYctrl C-UAS programme implementation by the Polish Armed Forces
  • Developing an integrated and data centric C2 system
  • Continuing to strengthen C-UAS capabilities on NATO’s eastern flank amidst growing provocations



    Leveraging Tech Clusters to Rapidly Establish a C-UAS Advantage at a Time of Conflict: Ukraine’s Brave1 Initiative

    Nataliia Kushnerska

    Nataliia Kushnerska, Chief Operating Officer, Brave1

  • Accelerating the domestic development of C-UAS capabilities to Proactively respond to significant hostile UAS technology leverage
  • Uniting state, military and private sector developers to provide cutting edge capabilities on the battlefield
  • Countering the drone threat at a time of resource scarcity: lessons learned from the antiShahed hackathon and plans for future iterations


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    Session Reserved for Gold Sponsor



    Morning Coffee



    Session Reserved for Sponsor



    Assessing the Viability of Next Generation Kinetic, Laser and High-Powered Microwave Systems: Latest Updates from RCCTO

    Col Steven D. Gutierrez

    Col Steven D. Gutierrez, PM DE M-SHORAD, US Army

  • Using operational learnings from Ukraine to inform domestic capability development
  • Collaborating with industry to measure the effectiveness of new kinetic options
  • Overview of the Army Multi-Purpose High Energy Laser (AMP-HEL) system
  • clock


    Session Reserved for Sponsor



    Catalysing Strategic Initiatives and Supporting USAFE’s C-UAS Priorities: The Pentagon’s Checkmate Strategic Studies Group

    Dr James Bailey

    Dr James Bailey, sUAS Lead, US Air Forces Europe

  • The value of providing independent, critical assessment of proposed strategic actions for USAFE regarding C-UAS policy formulation
  • Avoiding “fighting the last war” by looking across the full spectrum of conflict and proactively preparing for future UAS threats
  • Tracking the evolution of C-UAS tech and how it impacts future developments
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    Networking Lunch



    Panel Discussion- AI and C-UAS: Responsibly Innovating to Maximise Competitive Advantage

    Scoping out use cases for AI application and maximising performance improvement

    Identifying knowledge gaps in existing procedures from R&D to procurement

    Assessing ethical and practical requirements and considerations to achieve effective AI integration

    Dr Cristian Coman

    Dr Cristian Coman, Principal Scientist, NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCI Agency)

    Paul Lushenko

    Paul Lushenko, Assistant Professor and Director of Special Operations, US Army War College

    Liisa Janssens

    Liisa Janssens, Scientist, Emerging Disruptive Technologies and Law, TNO



    Lessons Learned from C-UAS Tie23 and Looking Ahead to Tie24

    Mario Behn

    Mario Behn, DEU VNC/Principal Scientist, NATO C&I Agency

  • Ensuring high tech C-UAS solutions work together effectively in a range of testing scenarios
  • Working with over 300 participants from 18 member and partner nation NATO allies
  • Assessing the real world viability of emerging technologies in C-UAS including AI
  • Future plans for NATO to continue collaborating with industry to advance the C-UAS market
  • clock


    Session Reserved for Sponsor



    Afternoon Tea



    Joint Services Panel Discussion: Aligning Capabilities Across Services and Ensuring a Cohesive Procurement Strategy

  • Overview of current interagency efforts to procure and integrate effective C-UAS systems
  • Ensuring effective protection of critical defence infrastructure, installations and assets: insights into leading European militaries
  • Lessons learned from Ukraine and areas of focus for future unified strategies
  • Captain Rens Govaers

    Captain Rens Govaers, Delegate of Bureau Rockets & Missiles C-UAS Project Team, General Directorate Material Resources, Belgian Armed Forces

    Harijs Osis

    Harijs Osis, C-UAV Specialist, National Armed Forces Of Latvia

    Jose Antonio Cebrian de Barrio

    Jose Antonio Cebrian de Barrio, Head of Critical communications SIRDEE, R&D Department and CUAs Department, Spanish Ministry of Interior

    Andrus Padar

    Andrus Padar, Expert of Remote Sensing Research and Development Centre / Head of S2 section, Estonian Academy of Security Sciences



    A Comprehensive Approach to Countering Unmanned Aircraft Systems

    The difference of having to counter commercial drones or military UAS
    The challenge of drone defense under peacetime regulations
    Education and training for countering UAS in wartime
    Immediate drone response measures in peacetime

    Lieutenant Colonel Andreas Schmidt

    Lieutenant Colonel Andreas Schmidt, IAMD SME, Joint Air Power Competence Centre

    Lieutenant Colonel Andre Haider

    Lieutenant Colonel Andre Haider, SME UAS, JAPCC (Joint Air Power Competence Centre)



    Chair's Closing Remarks and Close of Day Two

    Roy Bookham, Chief Scientist, C-UAS Platforms Division, DSTL

    Expert of Remote Sensing Research and Development Centre / Head of S2 section
    Estonian Academy of Security Sciences
    Expert of Remote Sensing Research and Development Centre / Head of S2 section
    Estonian Academy of Security Sciences
    Air and Missile Defence Department Chief
    General Command of Polish Armed Forces
    US Army
    Director, C-Mini/Micro UAS Centre of Excellence
    Italian Army
    Principal Scientist
    NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCI Agency)
    Head UK Joint C-UAS Office
    Ministry of Defence
    C-UAV Specialist
    National Armed Forces Of Latvia
    SO2 Counter-small Uncrewed Air Systems, Project 6 Lead
    Joint Effects, Programmes Directorate, Army HQ
    Air and Missile Defence Department Chief
    General Command of Polish Armed Forces
    JAPCC (Joint Air Power Competence Centre)
    Joint Air Power Competence Centre
    Assistant Branch Chief
    Federal Ministry of Defense, Germany
    Deputy CEM BAPPS, Air Defense and Air Operations Command
    French Air Force
    Scientist, Emerging Disruptive Technologies and Law
    Supreme Allied Commander Transformation Representative in Europe
    SQN Cdt 640 SQN NLD Air Force staff officer / C-UAS Program Manager
    Chief Operating Officer
    Head of C-UAS
    DDR&D (MAFAT), Israel Ministry of Defence
    Assistant Professor and Director of Special Operations
    US Army War College
    Chief Scientist, C-UAS Platforms Division
    SO2 Counter-small Uncrewed Air Systems, Project 6 Lead
    Joint Effects, Programmes Directorate, Army HQ
    Officer Commanding No 2 Force Protection C-UAS Wing
    UK Ministry of Defence (Royal Air Force)

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    Echodyne, the radar platform company, designs and delivers innovative, high performance, compact, solid-state radars built on proprietary Metamaterials ESA (MESA®) technology. Ideally suited for advanced 4D situational awareness, Echodyne’s commercially priced electronically scanned array radars are used by defense and government agencies, defense contractors, and security integrators for counter-UAS, portable ISR, border security, and critical infrastructure protection applications and autonomous machine developers for unmanned aerial and ground vehicle applications. Privately held, the company is based in Kirkland, Washington, and is backed by Bill Gates, NEA, Madrona Venture Group, Vulcan Capital, Vanedge Capital, and Lux Capital among others. For more information, please visit: Echodyne.com

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    Weibel Scientific is a high-tech radar company that since the 1970s has been dedicated to provide precision data for user all over the world. The modern day company develops and produces a wide range of tactical and instrumentation X-band Doppler-based radars, utilizing CW, MFCW and FMCW waveforms for small object detection and tracking with high resolution in both the velocity and range domain. Weibel Scientific’s portfolio ranges from small muzzle velocity radars to radars for the full IAMD spectrum. The technology covers applications from counter drone operations around high value targets through SHORAD/LLAD to air surveillance radars for GBAD and upper tier air defense applications and BMD capable radars. Throughout the last 40 years, Weibel has provided more than 5000 radars to more than 50 countries.

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    L3Harris Technologies is an agile global aerospace and defense technology innovator, delivering end-to-end solutions that meet customers’ mission-critical needs. The company provides advanced defense and commercial technologies across air, land, sea, space and cyber domains. L3Harris has approximately $18 billion in annual revenue, 48,000 employees and customers in over 100 countries. L3Harris.com

    MSI Defense Solutions

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    MSI Defense Solutions rapidly deploys ground-breaking techniques and the latest technologies to mission critical defense programs. MSI accomplishes accelerated manufacturing timelines to quickly design, engineer, and deliver capabilities for numerous systems – suspension, mechanical design and integration, communications infrastructures, command and control, electronic controls, mechatronics and as an ATF FFL Level 9 holder, weapon systems, and C-UAS integrations.

    Robin Radar Systems

    Sponsors and Exhibitors

    Robin Radar Systems is a Netherlands-based technology leader in radar systems for tracking and classification of small targets. Combining affordable sensors with smart software, Robin provides actionable information to increase safety and security with its specialised bird and drone radars. Robin’s advanced drone detection radars are used at airports, and for protecting critical infrastructure, military installations, and security events the world over. Our flagship counter-drone radar, IRIS®, has the capacity to detect and track rogue drones, automatically distinguishing them from birds with full 360° coverage; providing essential support for military operations and VIP events. Robin’s installed base of radars is over 140 and counting. For more info visit www.robinradar.com

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