SAE Media Group is pleased to announce the second annual Unmanned Maritime Systems Technology USA conference, taking place in Arlington, VA on September 27-28, 2023.

The development of unmanned systems in the land and air domains has grown rapidly over the last decade, and the importance of unmanned systems in the maritime domain has and will only continue to grow. In 2021 the US Navy revealed their Unmanned Campaign Framework, outlining the goal to innovate and adapt new technology to build a more lethal and distributed naval force for the future. The US is now committed to deliver a hybrid fleet will be necessary for the Navy to meet emerging security concerns and compete and win in an era of great power competition by expanding and developing a range of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), unmanned undersea vehicles (UUV), and unmanned surface vessels (USV).

Key topics to be discussed include: Autonomy for MCM and ASW operations, updates on key unmanned platform programmes (such as UUV and USVs), preparing and supporting unmanned systems for operations, Manned/Unmanned Teaming, UMS interoperability initiatives, unmanned hydrography and oceanography, and many more.

  • Listen to keynote briefings from leading US military leaders driving the development of unmanned maritime systems
  • Hear updates and guidance from allied UMS programme managers
  • Delve into the latest topics and trends shaping the future of unmanned maritime systems and learn of how to integrate these new technologies into enhance your operational effectiveness
  • Discover cutting-edge technology to enhance operational effectiveness and explore opportunities for greater coalition interoperability.
  • Benefit from the extensive networking opportunities at the conference and meet your fellow peers at dedicated networking lunches and drinks receptions.
  • Explore the Unmanned Maritime Systems equipment exhibition showcasing the latest technology

Air & Marine Operations; Anduril Industries; Battelle; Bramer Group; CD&I / USMC; Chess Dynamics Ltd; Chess Dynamics ; CNA; Current Scientific Corporation; Dell Federal; Deloitte; Directorate of Naval Requirements/Royal Canadian Navy; DoD; Edge Case Research; Epoch Concepts, LLC; Fairbanks Morse; FBI; Fortress Information Security; Honeywell; HQMC DC I; IDF; Integer Technologies LLC; Kongsberg Maritime Inc; Kongsberg Maritime Ltd; Kongsberg Underwater Technology LLC; Liteye Systems Inc; Marin; Maritime Tactical Systems (MARTAC); Microsoft; MIND Technology; National Geosaptial-Intelligence Agency; National Guard Bureau; National Maritime Intelligence-Integration Office; NATO Naval Mine Warfare Centre of Excellence (NATO NMW COE); Naval Research Laboratory (NRL); Naval Special Warfare; Naval Surface Warfare Center; Naval Surface Warfare Center Carderock Division; Naval Surface Warfare Center Crane Division; Naval Surface Warfare Center, Port Hueneme; Naval Surface Warfare Centre; NavalX; NAVSEA ; NAVSEA Carderock; Navy Office of the Judge Advocate General ; NGA Maritime Safety Office ; NIWC; NIWC PAC; NIWC Pacific; Northrop Grumman; Northrop Grumman Corporation; NRL; NSWC Carderock; NSWCCD; NUWC-Keyport; Office of Naval Research; Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering (OUSD R&E); ONI; OPNAV N96; OPNAV N974; OPT; PEO IWS-80; PEO USC PMS 408; Picarro; Prescient Edge Corporation; Renaissance Strategic Advisors; Rolling Motion Industries; Royal Australian Navy; Royal Navy; SAE Industry Technologies Consortia (SAE ITC); Sante Group; Sayres And Associates; Silvus Technologies; Silvus Technologies Inc; SOCOM; SparkCognition; ST Engineering North America; Surface Navy Association; Textron Systems Unmanned Systems; Thales; Tomahawk Robotics; TVAR Solutioins; U.S. Coast Guard; U.S. Customs And Border Protection; U.S. Navy; Ultra Maritime, Sonar Systems; United States Coast Guard; US Coast Guard; US Marine Corps; US Naval Academy; US Naval Research Laboratory; US Navy; US Navy - USC S&T; USN; Viasat; Windward;

Conference agenda



Registration & Coffee



Chairman's Opening Remarks



Supporting Future Naval Power by Developing the US Navy’s Next Strategic Hedge: Hybrid Force of the Future

  • Reimagining US Naval Force Design
  • Diversifying the US naval portfolio to prepare for a potential change in future naval warfare – A capability vice platform approach to what needs to happen
  • “The small, the agile and the many”: building collaborating, autonomous, unmanned formations
  • Global approach to Systems of systems – Work with Strategic Dialogs, NATO, Partners and Allies
  • Mr Greg Hays, Director Rapid Prototyping and Experimentation, U.S. Navy



    Naval Undersea Warfare Centre – Research and Development, Testing and Evaluation for Autonomous Underwater Systems

    Captain Chad F. Hennings, Commanding Officer, Naval Undersea Warfare Center, Division Newport, US Navy

    • Ensuring Underwater Superiority through Unmanned Systems
    • Researching and Developing UUV’s
    • Testing and Evaluating UUV’s



    Morning Coffee



    Leveraging Unmanned Capabilities for Underwater Mine Detection and Clearing

    Captain Ryan Ventresca, Commodore, Mine Countermeasures Group Three, U.S. Navy

    - Role of Mine Countermeasures Group 3
    - Integration and role in Expeditionary Advanced Base Operations
    - Development of U.S. port partner unmanned capabilities in MCM
    - Unmanned capabilities in MCM: Persistent IPOE*, Automated Change Detection, Automated Target Recognition, and their impact on Commander’s “Risk”

    * IPOE - Intelligence Preparation of the Environment



    Session Reserved for Sponsor - Kongsberg - Realizing a Truly Commercial LDUUV System: Development of HUGIN Endurance

    Mr Richard Patterson, Director of Sales for Marine Robotics Defense, Kongsberg Maritime Inc

  • Heightened geo-political tensions are causing many of the world’s navies to accelerate their adoption of UUVs into mainstream operations
  • Development of new systems based on government specifications can take an extended period of time and can be costly
  • Commercial systems with high performance capabilities have been in operation for 20+ years
  • Using our existing commercial systems as a starting point, Kongsberg has developed a commercially available LDUUV
  • Our approach has reduced risk and cost resulting in a vehicle that can accomplish many naval missions “out of the box”




    Networking Lunch



    Future Force Design with the Integration of Uncrewed Systems into the Royal Navy

    Mr Andy Mitchell, Deputy Director - Navy Capability Sponsor , Royal Navy

    • An overview of Royal Navy future force design and the ongoing integration of uncrewed capabilities into the underwater, surface, air, and space domains
    • The new strategic possibilities opened by progressively integrating uncrewed systems into the Royal Navy
    • Incoming capability and infrastructure changes designed to develop and integrate uncrewed systems in current and future Royal Navy platforms
    • The importance of the role of industry and academia in supporting the Royal Navy’s uncrewed systems and opportunities for new engagement through new initiatives



    Virtual Presentation - Developing Intelligent Swarming systems for the Royal Netherlands Navy

    • The transition from a disruptive technology to an operational capability
    • How to bridge the of valley of death
    • An exploration approach to connect the technician with the operator
    • General approach to facilitate unmanned autonomous systems to work together as a team

    Commander Pieter Blank, Innovator Program Manager, Royal Netherlands Navy

    Mr Ferdinand Peters, Naval Systems Architect, Ministry of Defence the Netherlands



    Afternoon Tea



    Session Reserved for Sponsor - SGS - Evolving the Maritime Mission: manned and unmanned dominance with AI

    Mr Rome Ruiz, VP for Maritime Systems, SparkCognition Government Systems (SGS)

    • Enabling and enhancing uncrewed Fleet Readiness with AI
    • Maritime-Domain Operations and AI – from Competition to Crisis
    • AI’s Role in Contested Logistics
    • Distributed unmanned/attritable systems: Asymmetric strategic advantage for fighting the fleet
    • Overview of SGS and its capabilities



    Ensuring Continuous Advancement of Unmanned Technology and Innovation in the Department of Defence

    Mr Richard Ast, Director, Unmanned Systems Technology UxST, Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering (OUSD R&E)

    • Advisory function of the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering
    • Necessity of technological advancement to maintain operational superiority
    • Current critical technologies in development to counter emerging uncrewed arial threats



    Integrating C4ISR into Unmanned Maritime Systems

    Mr Mike Tall, Senior Scientific Technical Manager, Integrated Autonomous C4ISR, Naval Information Warfare Center (NIWC) Pacific

    • Developing Mission Autonomy for the Navy
    • Rapidly scaling the Navy’s operational systems through attritable designs and mission autonomy
    • Project Overmatch



    Chairman's Closing Remarks



    Registration and Coffee



    Chairman's Opening Remarks



    The Activities and Results of Task Force 59 - The Rapid Development of Maritime Uncrewed Systems to Achieve Maritime Domain Overmatch

    Captain Colin Corridan

    Captain Colin Corridan, Commander,Task Force 59, Commander, Unmanned & A.I. Integration, US Navy

    • The TF 59 Design Sprint and other innovation challenges of Task Force 59 for the development of UMS and AI capabilities
    • Challenges to integrating UMS and AI into fleet operations
    • The future of the Task Force and the roadmap to future integration and innovation with UMS



    NSWC Carderock: Advancing Maritime Uncrewed and Autonomous Systems through R&D and T&E

    Mr Robert Iannuzzi

    Mr Robert Iannuzzi, Director of Unmanned and Autonomous Systems Development and Integration, Naval Surface Warfare Center

  • Governance and regulatory challenges related to uncrewed systems and their deployment
  • Research and Development of new uncrewed capabilities
  • Modelling & Simulation, Testing, and Evaluation of UMS systems
  • clock


    Morning Coffee



    Leveraging Unmanned Systems to Provide Persistent Surveillance

    Captain Josh Guerre, Program Manager for the Persistent Maritime Unmanned Systems Program Office PMA-262, US Navy

  •  Providing the fleet with expeditionary capabilities to increase oversea's operations
  • Conducting persistent ISR in the maritime domain
  • Refining tactics, techniques, and procedures to prepare for future UAS squadrons and the objective of the Navy Unmanned Campaign Framework  
  • clock


    Future of NATO Maritime Air integration; role of UAV/MPA in future Maritime Situational Awareness

    Commander Marty Van Duin, Section Head Future Operations, NATO Allied Maritime Command (MARCOM)

    • Recent changes in NATO
    • Integrating UAV technology across multi-domains using NATO frameworks
    • NATO Maritime Air – the way ahead



    Networking Lunch



    Enabling U.S. Coast Guard with UxS

    Captain Thomas Remmers, Unmanned Systems Cross-Functional Work Group Lead, Assistant Commandant for Capabilities (CG-7 UxS), US Coast Guard

    • Published an Unmanned Systems Strategic Plan to pursue integrated and interoperable unmanned systems for the USCG
    • Overview of current USCG UxS capabilities and strategies
    • Discuss the USCG vision for UxS in the future.
    • The importance of UxS for future USCG maritime missions – increasing range, scope, and endurance and expanding collection of data to improve maritime domain awareness.



    The Future of UxS and Naval Oceanography

    Dr Christopher Ekstrom, Deputy Oceanographer and Navigator of the Navy, Technical Director OPNAV N2N6EB, Chief of Naval Operations, US Navy

    • Naval Oceanography Enterprise UxS history at a glance
    • Naval Oceanography partnerships with industry in support of UxS technologies
    • Importance of environmental modeling to maximize effect of UxS
    • Naval Oceanography way ahead with UxS data strategy



    Afternoon Tea



    Overcoming the Threat of Chinese Unmanned Maritime Capabilities

    Mr Kevin Pollpeter, Senior Research Scientist, China and Indo-Pacific Security Affairs Division, Center for Naval Analysis

    • The PLA is preparing for future warfare to be dominated by artificial intelligence and autonomy.
    • PLA researchers describe unmanned systems as the main type of combat force in future warfare that will lead to an expanded battlespace
    • The PLA is testing and developing a range of unmanned maritime capabilities, including autonomous vehicles, for future warfare




    Deploying and Leveraging Unmanned Systems for Expeditionary Combat Operations

    Captain Cameron Chen, Branch Head, Navy Expeditionary Combat Branch (N957), Expeditionary Warfare Division (N95), US Navy

     • Current capabilities and success with of Mk-18 family of systems
    • Expeditionary UAS family of system for EOD and NCF rapid area reconnaissance
    • Next Generation UUVs – Lionfish and Viperfish to be employed by ExMCM Companies
    • Maritime Expeditionary Standoff Response (MESR) EOD ROV



    Chairman's Closing Remarks

    Commander,Task Force 59, Commander, Unmanned & A.I. Integration
    US Navy
    Deputy Director - Navy Capability Sponsor
    Royal Navy
    Branch Head, Navy Expeditionary Combat Branch (N957), Expeditionary Warfare Division (N95)
    US Navy
    Commanding Officer, Naval Undersea Warfare Center, Division Newport
    US Navy
    Unmanned Systems Cross-Functional Work Group Lead, Assistant Commandant for Capabilities (CG-7 UxS)
    US Coast Guard
    Commodore, Mine Countermeasures Group Three
    U.S. Navy
    Director of Unmanned and Autonomous Systems Development and Integration
    Naval Surface Warfare Center
    Director, Unmanned Systems Technology UxST
    Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering (OUSD R&E)
    Senior Scientific Technical Manager, Integrated Autonomous C4ISR
    Naval Information Warfare Center (NIWC) Pacific
    Director General, Warfare Innovation Navy
    Royal Australian Navy
    Section Head Future Operations
    NATO Allied Maritime Command (MARCOM)
    Innovator Program Manager
    Royal Netherlands Navy
    Naval Systems Architect
    Ministry of Defence the Netherlands
    Deputy Oceanographer and Navigator of the Navy, Technical Director OPNAV N2N6EB, Chief of Naval Operations
    US Navy
    Senior Research Scientist, China and Indo-Pacific Security Affairs Division
    Center for Naval Analysis
    Program Manager for the Persistent Maritime Unmanned Systems Program Office PMA-262
    US Navy
    Director, Business Development
    Ultra Maritime
    Director Rapid Prototyping and Experimentation
    U.S. Navy
    Director of Sales for Marine Robotics Defense
    Kongsberg Maritime Inc
    VP for Maritime Systems
    SparkCognition Government Systems (SGS)

    Sponsors and Exhibitors



    Hilton Arlington

    950 North Stafford Street, Arlington VA, Virginia, USA

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    Sponsors and Exhibitors

    Forum Energy Technologies

    Sponsors and Exhibitors

    Forum Energy Technologies (FET) Subsea is a leading provider of subsea related products and services. FET’s extensive product line focuses on remote intervention technology with the capability to provide everything from a world class subsea trencher to tooling and individual components such as thrusters. The Perry® and Sub-Atlantic® range of Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs), tether management systems, tooling and components is one of most comprehensive and highly rated in the industry. Other subsea technology products include Dynacon winches, launch and recovery systems (LARS); Moffat engineering and subsea connectors; VMAX™ simulation software; and VisualSoft data acquisition software.

    Kongsberg Discovery

    Sponsors and Exhibitors

    Kongsberg Discovery operates in the maritime domain from the deepest sea to outer space. While we are headquartered in Kongsberg, Norway, with the rest of Kongsberg’s business divisions, we have a global footprint, including local facilities and support in the United States. From commercial to military applications, our product portfolio offers a wide range of leading sonar, sensors, navigation, and autonomous systems. Our Uncrewed Platforms product group has been at the forefront of Uncrewed Underwater Vehicle (UUV) and Uncrewed Surface Vehicle (USV) development for over 30 years. Our HUGIN family of UUVs can be configured for a variety of capabilities and mission duration, from 24 hours to several weeks of autonomous operation. Equipped with the best sensor fit and navigation solution, HUGIN Superior is the most capable commercially available UUV today. HUGIN Endurance pushes this capability further, providing deep water operation capability for weeks at a time. Stop by to learn more!

    Silvus Technologies

    Sponsors and Exhibitors

    Silvus Technologies develops advanced MIMO technologies that are reshaping broadband wireless connectivity for mission critical applications. Backed by an unmatched team of PhD scientists and design engineers, its technologies provide enhanced wireless data throughput, interference mitigation, improved range, mobility, and robustness to address the growing needs of its government and commercial customers. Silvus has demonstrated an aggressive product development cycle, with a focus on continually improving the size, weight, power, and cost–while simultaneously introducing next-generation features and capabilities. Silvus’ StreamCaster family of MIMO enabled mesh radio products are designed to address the growing demand for distributing video, voice and high-speed data in harsh tactical environments. StreamCaster radios, featuring MN-MIMO, join together to form a robust, self-healing, self-forming fluid mesh network to provide high-speed, reliable wireless video and data connectivity. Today, Silvus continues to innovate, with an ever-growing line up of R&D contracts, COTS products, and happy customers. The experience gained through our early research efforts made possible the StreamCaster radios, and new concepts currently incubating in our R&D labs will pave the way for tomorrow’s product breakthroughs

    SparkCognition Government Systems

    Sponsors and Exhibitors

    SparkCognition Government Systems' (SGS) award-winning AI solutions solve the most critical challenges for government, national security, and defense. Using its patented AI, machine learning, and natural language technologies, SGS analyzes complex and diverse data in real time to inform and accelerate decision making, predict future outcomes, prescribe next-best actions, and augment human intelligence. We partner with organizations to ensure mission readiness, national security, and operational excellence. For in-depth information about SGS and its offerings, visit www.sparkgov.ai.

    Ultra Maritime

    Sponsors and Exhibitors

    Ultra Maritime protects navies and nations through innovative and mission-ready solutions in anti-submarine warfare, radar & electronic warfare, and signature management and power. Our broad portfolio of capabilities is operational on naval fleets across the US, UK and allied navies worldwide and we employ over 2,300 people across the globe.

    Media Partners

    Armada International


    ARMADA INTERNATIONAL is leading defence magazine which reports on and analyses defence systems, equipment and technology. Together with its Compendium supplements, ARMADA provides defence planners in the militaries, in government, in procurement and in the defence industry itself with the information they need to plan their strategies.

    Asian Military Review


    Asian Military Review is ABC audited publication, read & discussed by key decision makers & advisors to Asia Pacific militaries. Published since 1993 it’s widely recognised as authoritative provider of unbiased & objective information to Asian military. Editorial content comprises capability analysis, special reports & relevant news coverage from the region. AMR provides information, opinion & facts allowing military professionals to track & understand defence developments worldwide, concerning equipment, training, organisation & doctrine issues. The magazine is a proven source keeping military professionals up to date on national & international defence & security issues.

    Unmanned Systems Technology (UST)


    Unmanned Systems Technology (UST) is dedicated to technology and innovation within unmanned air, land, sea and space systems. UnmannedSystemsTechnology.com provides insight into new products, technologies and suppliers within the unmanned systems sector. Unmanned Systems Technology magazine is a technical publication that delves into the science and engineering of unmanned systems.


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