As armed forces continue to prioritise dealing with near-peer adversaries, and with passive protection measures reaching their physical limit, integrating advanced vehicle protection systems, and particularly active protection systems (APS), as a means of improving survivability signatures continues to grow in importance.These systems can intercept ballistic weaponry through kinetic methods (Hard-Kill) or by interfering with warhead guidance and tracking systems (Soft-Kill). As the scope of APS and its potential continues to grow, armed forces around the world increasingly pursue the development and application of an integrated, modular mission system, in which best-of-field components can be introduced and selected to meet specific requirements.

As the only conference of its kind, Future Armored Vehicles Protection Systems USA, will provide unique briefings on the development and integration of Active Protection Systems, as well as the wider vehicle protection suites employed by armed forces around the world. These briefings will include insight into Modular Systems and architecture, Hard-Kill and Soft-Kill technology, layered approaches to survivability and battle proven systems.

Discuss a diverse range of topics including hard and soft kill technology, creating a modular and sophisticated open system architecture, platform specific considerations, and more

Understand the progress made, and the lessons learned from integrating cutting edge Active Protection Systems from senior officials from both host nation and international speakers, and the unique requirements specific to different platforms

As the importance of an open market-place and room for competition is stressed, hear from industry leaders testing, developing, and applying the cutting edge technology that will be used by armoured brigades for years to come

An unrivalled opportunity to meet and network with the military and industry decision makers in Vehicle Protection Systems, the experts who will define the future of the technology, and the end-user's who will be tasked with operating this technology

ADS - Gesellschaftfuer Aktive Schutzsysteme GmbH; AFV; Armoured Trials & Development Unit (ATDU); Army Futures Command; Artis, LLC; Aselsan; Australian Army; Australian Department of Defence; BAE SYSTEMS; Bay Shore Steel Works; BEI Precision Systems & Space Company; Canadian Army; Combat Development Centre for Ground Manoeuver; Corfin Industries LLC; Curtiss Wright; Defence Science & Technology Laborator; Diehl Defence; DSTL Porton Down; Elbit America; ELBIT/MI; ELTA Systems; Embassy Of Slovenia; FFI - Norwegian Defence Research Establishment; GDLS; General Dynamics Land Systems; General Dynamics Land Systems Australia; General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems; General Dynamics-OTS; GM Cap, Army HQ; Ground Vehicle System Cente; Honeywell; IMI Services USA Inc; IMP Castle Associates Limited; Intelligence and Information Warfare Directorate ; Janes Missiles & Rockets; JPEO CBD ; Leonardo DRS; Leonardo DRS Company; Lexington Institute; Lockheed Martin Missiles & Fire Control; Maneuver Requirements Division; Maneuver Requirements Division, Maneuver CDID ; MASS XV; MBTS / PEO GCS; Microflown AVISA; Northrop Gruman; Northrop Grumman; Pacific Scientific Energetic Materials Company; PEO Ground Combat Systems; Program Executive Office, Ground Combat Systems; RAFAEL Advanced Defense Systems LTD; Raytheon; Redstone Test Center; Rheinmetall Active Protection GMBH; Saab Defense and Security USA; Soucek; SRC Inc; Swedish Armed Forces/Land warfare Centre; Tactical Defense Media; TenCate Advanced Armor; TNO; UAE Military Attache Office; Undersecretariat for Defence Industry ; Unified Business Technologies; United States Marine Corps; US Army; US Army Futures Command; US Army Research Laboratory ; US Army, Engineer Research and Development Center; UTC Aerospace Systems; WL Gore;

Conference programme

8:30 Registration & Coffee

8:50 SAE Conference Opening

Daniele Moreschi

Daniele Moreschi, Director, SAE Media Group

9:00 Chairman's Opening Remarks

Major General (Ret'd) Brian Cummings

Major General (Ret'd) Brian Cummings, Former Program Executive Officer, PEO Ground Combat Systems
View Bio

9:10 The Fundamental Role of the US Army Test and Evaluation Command in Ensuring Armored Vehicle Excellence

Mr. James Amato

Mr. James Amato, Executive Technical Director / Deputy to the Commander, Army Test and Evaluation Command
View Bio

• Core ATEC programs aimed at armored vehicle development.
• Trials and testing as an essential element of APS procurement.
• Optimising survivability for the US Warfighter.
• Future ATEC efforts: Thorough testing of US armored vehicles moving towards the 2030s.

9:50 The Role of the VPS Office in enhancing US Army Vehicle Survivability

Ms. Lisa Gronowski

Ms. Lisa Gronowski, Project Manager, Vehicle Protection Systems, PEO Ground Combat Systems

• VPS program success to-date.
• Updates on the Vehicle Protection System implantation for US Army systems.
• Developing safe and scalable modular protection systems
• MAPS Collaboration opportunities.
• Current and future fleet platform requirement gaps.

10:30 Morning Coffee

11:10 Stryker Brigade Combat Team Active Protection Systems Efforts and Priorities

Colonel William Venable

Colonel William Venable, Project Manager, Stryker Brigade Combat Team, PEO Ground Combat Systems
View Bio

• The platform specific limitations and challenges of implementing APS systems onto the Stryker.
• Updates on the trial process for ‘off the shelf’ APS on the Stryker.
• Looking at the possibilities for solutions to enhance Stryker survivability, including the potential of ‘hybrid’ systems.

11:50 The Future of US Armor: Developments made in Creating and Realising the Next Generation Combat Vehicle Fleet and the work of PM Manuever Combat Systems

Major Steven Naser

Major Steven Naser, Assistant Program Manager, Optionally Manned Fighting Vehicle APM OMFV, PM Maneuver Combat Systems
View Bio

• Narrowing capability gaps by creating a multi-faceted, multi-domain platform.
• Artificial intelligence and the role of target identification to maximise both survivability and lethality
• Emphasising open architecture as a means of maintaining operational advantages and allowing for constant development
• Future APS technology for NGCV platforms, the challenges and solution.
• APS in relation to new unmanned armoured vehicles.

12:30 Networking Lunch

14:10 Military Panel Discussion: Advancing Vehicle Protection Systems integration into the U.S. Army

 • What are the core operational considerations that drive armored vehicle protection system requirements 

• Creating a modular ‘system of systems’ through partnership with Industry 
 • APS as part of comprehensive integrated mission system
Colonel William Venable

Colonel William Venable, Project Manager, Stryker Brigade Combat Team, PEO Ground Combat Systems
View Bio

Major General (Ret'd) Brian Cummings

Major General (Ret'd) Brian Cummings, Former Program Executive Officer, PEO Ground Combat Systems
View Bio

Major Steven Naser

Major Steven Naser, Assistant Program Manager, Optionally Manned Fighting Vehicle APM OMFV, PM Maneuver Combat Systems
View Bio

Wayne Simoni

Wayne Simoni, Division Chief, Survivability Directorate

14:55 Afternoon Tea

15:30 Ensuring Operational Success for the Australian Military Through Effective Development and Integration of APS (Virtual)

Mr. Rob Baker

Mr. Rob Baker, Discipline Lead, Advanced Vehicle Protection, Defence Science and TechnologyGroup, Australian Department of Defence
View Bio

• Optimizing countermeasures to increase lethality against threats and reduce collateral hazards.
• Enhances to APS capability to counter salvos and swarms of threats.
• Current Australian development and research plans in regard to both Hard and Soft Kill systems.
• Future goals of Australian APS trials and implementation.

16:40 Chairman’s Closing Remarks and Close of Day One

Major General (Ret'd) Brian Cummings

Major General (Ret'd) Brian Cummings, Former Program Executive Officer, PEO Ground Combat Systems
View Bio

8:30 Registration & Coffee

9:00 Chairman's Opening Remarks

Major General (Ret'd) Brian Cummings

Major General (Ret'd) Brian Cummings, Former Program Executive Officer, PEO Ground Combat Systems
View Bio

9:10 Enhancing Training at the Combined Arms Center to Keep Pace with US Army Armored Vehicle Development

Brigadier General Charles T. Lombardo

Brigadier General Charles T. Lombardo, Deputy Commanding General Combined Arms Center Training, Combined Arms Center
View Bio

• Evaluating the work of CAC-T in regard to armored vehicles.
• Training considerations as APS becomes more prevalent.
• Revitalised training as a core element of operational integration of modern armor concepts.

9:50 Assessing the Role of the Maneuver Centre of Excellence in Developing Doctrine and Capabilities for the Future of US Armor Platforms

Colonel Esli Pitts

Colonel Esli Pitts, Director of Training and Doctrine, Maneuver Center of Excellence
View Bio

  •   Analysing the changing operational environment of today and the complex threats faced by armored personnel
  • Developing agile and adaptive armor personnel and platforms including the integration of APS in order to guarantee mission success 
  • Maximising the operational capacity of US armor and APS as a force enabler
  • 10:30 Morning Coffee

    11:00 An Overview of the Work and Findings of the DEVCOM Analysis Center in Regard to Analysis of APS Technology


    • APS Survivability Analysis Framework
    • Modelling and Simulation to provide end-to-end analysis capability
    • Testing and Analysis to address system performance and operational effectiveness
    • Collaboration with other organizations to further APS development
    • Highlights of additional DAC APS M&S and Analyses enhancements
    Patrick J. O'Neill

    Patrick J. O'Neill, Director, US Army Combat Capabilities Development Command - DEVCOM Analysis Center

    John Auten

    John Auten, Operation Research Analyst, DEVCOM Analysis Center

    11:40 How Aviation Based Solutions for Long-Term Platform Survivability Against Evolving Threats Can Enhance APS Development for Ground Assets

    Colonel Kevin Chaney

    Colonel Kevin Chaney, Project Manager, Future Attack and Reconaissance Aircraft, PEO Aviation
    View Bio

    • Lessons to be learned from active protection in the air domain.
    • Integrating multiple soft-kill measures to combat a variety of threats
    • Opportunities for collaboration and information sharing across the air and ground domains.

    12:20 Networking Lunch

    13:30 The Impact of 'bringing a knife to a gunfight' in Armored Vehicle Development

    Scott  Coulson

    Scott Coulson, Owner and Founder, Mass XV LLC

  •  The demonstrated broad proliferation of anti-armor weapons
  • The impact this has had on future combat vehicle development
  • 14:10 Analysis of US Armored Vehicle programs in budgets and strategy

    Mr. Mark Cancian

    Mr. Mark Cancian, Senior adviser, Center for Strategic and International Studies
    View Bio

    • Evaluating Armored vehicle programs in the emerging Biden administration strategy.
    • Armored vehicle programs and Army modernization priorities.
    • Assessing recent congressional and administration actions.

    14:50 Chairman’s Closing Remarks and Close of Day Two

    Major General (Ret'd) Brian Cummings

    Major General (Ret'd) Brian Cummings, Former Program Executive Officer, PEO Ground Combat Systems
    View Bio

    15:00 SAE Conference Close

    Emily Hood

    Emily Hood, Events Executive, SAE Media Group


    Project Engineer
    Presidency of Defence Industries - SSB
    Deputy Commanding General Combined Arms Center Training
    Combined Arms Center
    Director of Training and Doctrine
    Maneuver Center of Excellence
    Project Manager, Future Attack and Reconaissance Aircraft
    PEO Aviation
    Project Manager, Stryker Brigade Combat Team
    PEO Ground Combat Systems
    Materials Engineering Division
    Czech Military Research Institute
    Operation Research Analyst
    DEVCOM Analysis Center
    Mobile Protected Firepower/Armored Multi-Purpose Vehicle
    Next Generation Combat Vehicle Cross Functional Team
    Former Program Executive Officer
    PEO Ground Combat Systems
    Assistant Program Manager, Optionally Manned Fighting Vehicle APM OMFV
    PM Maneuver Combat Systems
    Executive Technical Director / Deputy to the Commander
    Army Test and Evaluation Command
    Senior adviser
    Center for Strategic and International Studies
    Programme Manager
    Dstl, UK Ministry of Defence
    Discipline Lead, Advanced Vehicle Protection
    Defence Science and TechnologyGroup, Australian Department of Defence
    Project Manager, Vehicle Protection Systems
    PEO Ground Combat Systems
    Owner and Founder
    Mass XV LLC
    Division Chief
    Survivability Directorate



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