Join us at SAE Media Group’s 13th annual Military Airlift conference, the largest bespoke Military Airlift conference in Europe. This must-attend event enjoys high-level support from across NATO and beyond, year-on-year. Our conference also engages with an extensive network of industry representatives as we continue to bring both the key military and industry stakeholders of the airlift community together.


For this year’s post-conference activity, the Italian Air Force Chief of Air Staff and Air Mobility Commander have kindly arranged a display of the new KC767A platform at Pisa AFB on December 5th to give our delegates a complete overview of Italian Air Force transport and air refuelling capabilities. To complement this, Brigadier General Aurelio Colagrande, Commander of the ITAF 46th Air Brigade will be delivering a keynote presentation at the conference Florence. Our positioning in Italy in 2012 is in keeping with our commitment to provide our delegates with the best possible experience in the most relevant locations each year. The site visit is free to attend for those registered onto the conference!


The event is followed by a site visit to Pisa Air Force Base on December 5th. The site visit includes a display of the new KC767A to give participants a complete overview of Italian Air Force Transport and AAR capabilities.

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  • Are the largest bespoke Military Airlift conference in Europe
  • Host the highest-level representation from across NATO member states and NATO commands, year-on-year
  • Welcome attendees that are unrivalled in their seniority and influence across the international airlift communities
  • At SMi's 13th Annual Military Airlift: Rapid Reaction & Tanker Operations, you will receive comprehensive presentations focusing upon the following programs, projects, commands, missions and organisations:



“Great! Outstanding!” European Air Transport Command

“Thank you, keep it up!" Airbus Military

“Excellent job!” NATO Airlift Management Agency

"Thank you for another perfectly organized conference …... It is always a pleasure to attend this event. You pick up perfect speakers covering up-to-date situations in different aspects of our target markets. You are doing a great job in gathering professionals of the industry in one place" Aviacon

"My colleague and I thoroughly enjoyed the conference. Well attended and a high caliber of speakers and attendees" Air Charter Service

"I herewith would like to thank you again for another perfect conference. It is the highlight of the year in regards to NATO Conferences and we do attend a lot. The speakers themselves and the very professional organization around this event will drive this meeting forward and we are really looking forward to be a part of it again" National Air Cargo 

  • Program Directors
  • Airlift Wing and Air Force Commanders
  • Directors of Staff
  • Air Chiefs
  • Commercial Directors
  • Force Development
  • Marketing Directors
  • Vice-Presidents
  • Operational Commanders
  • Assistant Capability Managers
  • Medical Directors
  • Airlift Staff Officers
  • Mobility Divisions
  • Movement Control
  • Strategic Plans and Requirements
  • Chiefs of Safety
  • Senior Vice Presidents
  • Cargo Directors
  • Commercial Jet Sales Directors
  • Marketing Co-ordinator
  • Business Development Managers
  • Directors of Logistics
  • Squadron Leaders
  • Air Freight Managers
  • Air-to-Air Refuelling Program Managers
  • Engineers
  • Aeromedical Evacuation
  • Movement and Transportation
  • Senior Scientists
  • Combat Support
  • International Tanker Programs
  • Contract Managers


Previous Organisations in Attendance

100th Air Refuelling Wing, USAF; AAR Airlift Group; Aerosource Incorporated; AFRICOM; Air Charter Service; Airborne Systems; Airbus; Airbus Military ; Amapola; AMCC ISAF ; Amsafe Bridport; aussec; Aviacon Zitotrans Air company; Aviation Solutions: East Midlands Airport; B&S Köpcke Global; Brazilian Air Force; C2 Logistics Limited; Canadian Air Force; Capewell Components; Chapman Freeborn Airchartering; Chartersphere Ltd; Cobham PLC; D S V Air And Sea A / S; Diplomat Freight Services Ltd; EADS Germany; East Midlands Airport (E M A); Elbit Systems; Elbit Systems Aerospace; Embraer; Embraer SA (Defence Programs); ESG Germany; European Air Transport Command ; European Defence Agency; FALKO; Fliteline BV; Heavy Airlift Wing; HQ Air Mobility Command, USAF; International SOS; International Stability Operations Association; ITALIAN JOINT FORCE HEADQUARTERS; JAPCC; Jeppesen; Join Spec OPS HQ (Italian); Lifeport Inc; Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company; M T U - Maintenace Gmb H; M T U Maintenance Canada Ltd; Magma Aviation Ltd; Marshall Aerospace; Miami Air International, Inc.; Movement Coordination Centre Europe; National Air Cargo; NATO Airlift Management Agency ; NATO C3 Agency; NATO JAPCC; NATO Maintenance and Supply Agency; Nigeria ministry of Defence; Occar; Polet Cargo Airlines; RMSI Medical Solutions; Rolls-Royce; Rolls-Royce Plc; Royal Netherlands Air Force; Ruslan International; Safair Operations (PTY) LTD; Senegal Air Force; SHAPE; Sky One FZE; Skylink Aviation and Logistics ; Swedish Land Warfare Centre; Thales UK; The Air League; TLD Group; United Nations; Volga-Dnepr Airlines;

Conference programme

8:30 Registration & Coffee

9:00 Chairman's Opening Remarks

Brigadier (Rtd) Hamish McNinch MBE

Brigadier (Rtd) Hamish McNinch MBE, ,

9:10 HOST NATION OPENING ADDRESS: Tactical Operations of the 46th Air Brigade

Brigadier General Aurelio Colagrande

Brigadier General Aurelio Colagrande, Commander, 46th Air Brigade, Italian Air Force
View Bio

  • Capacity, future plans and commitment to NATO operations
  • Pisa AFB as an airlift hub: Opportunities and delivery
  • Industry partnerships and tools for tactical airlift
  • Coordinating rapid response
  • 9:50 Strategic and Tactical Airlift Efficiency

    Thomas Dunehew

    Thomas Dunehew, Vice President Business Development for Mobility, Surveillance and Engagement, Boeing

  • Strategic and Tactical Airlift Efficiency
  • Air Refueling For The Future
  • Value Of Planned Interoperable And Deployable Assets
  • 10:30 Morning Coffee

    11:00 HOST NATION ADDRESS: Strategic Air Transport and the KC767A

    Colonel Giorgio Seravalle

    Colonel Giorgio Seravalle, Chief of Air Operations, Air Mobility Command, Italian Air Force

  • Overview of strategic airlift capability in ITAF
  • The new KC767 AAR platform
  • Impact of MRTT capabilities across the air fleet, including the C-130J and C-27J of the 46th Air Brigade
  • Multinational cooperation on AAR and beyond
  • 11:40 The C-27J SPARTAN: A Real Multimission Aircraft

    Vincenzo Afeltra

    Vincenzo Afeltra, Head of International Sales, Alenia Aermacchi

  • Overview
  • Missions capability news
  • MC-27J : SPARTAN Gets Tough
  • 12:20 Networking Lunch

    13:30 Should Small Air Forces Continue with Standalone Airlift Capability or is Further Intensification of International Cooperation the only Affordable Answer?

    Colonel Bas Pellemans

    Colonel Bas Pellemans , Commander , Royal Netherlands Air Force

  • Experience with current fleet, upgrade programmes and airworthiness regulations
  • C2 cooperation; the RNLAF as part of the EATC and HAW
  • Future plans and initiatives
  • 14:10 Strategic Airlift Capability

    Brent Deen

    Brent Deen, Director Airlift Management Programme, NATO Support Agency

  • NATO’s role in the SAC programme
  • From build-up to steady state operation
  • Achievements and challenges and potential future developments
  • 14:50 Afternoon Tea

    15:20 Update on AAR and Airlift Projects at JAPCC

    Major Chad Taylor

    Major Chad Taylor, JAPCC Staff Officer, USAF

  • The AAR Clearance Matrix Project
  • Demonstration of the Beta version of the Electronic “annex” to ATP-56
  • Further information on AAR clearances
  • 16:00 AAR: European Solutions for a European Shortfall

    Lieutenant Colonel Laurent Donnet

    Lieutenant Colonel Laurent Donnet, European Defence Agency Assistant Capability Manager, Belgian Air Force

  • Not only is there insufficient AAR capability in Europe but it is fragmented too 
  • How to get the best out of existing programs
  • How to augment capability
  • 16:40 Chairman’s Closing Remarks and Close of Day One


    8:30 Registration & Coffee

    9:00 Chairman's Opening Remarks

    Brigadier (Rtd) Hamish McNinch MBE

    Brigadier (Rtd) Hamish McNinch MBE, ,

    9:10 KEYNOTE ADDRESS: The European Air Transport Command: A Success Story?

    Major General Pascal Valentin

    Major General Pascal Valentin, Commander, European Air Transport Command, French Air Force

  • Introduction and reinforcing the EATC message
  • Assessment of EATC’s performance and progress
  • EATC’s future role in P&S of MRTT assets
  • Accession of new members
  • 9:50 Resolving the Challenges of Rapid Response Airfields Through Solar Technology

    Jane Waite

    Jane Waite, Senior Marketing Specialist - Aviation, Carmanah Technologies Corp

  • The impact of unreliable power, inaccessible infrastructure and challenging weather on rapid deployment situations and safe airfield operations
  • Solar airfield technology- a simple solution to assist airfield managers with maintaining around-the-clock airfield operations through the difficult conditions typically encountered in conflict zones, disaster relief missions and other emergency situations
  • The implementation of solar airfield lighting in a tactical environment, and offer insight into the latest technology innovations that make solar power an increasingly viable option around the globe
  • 10:30 Morning Coffee

    11:10 EU Multimodal Transport Hub

    Lieutenant Colonel Metodi Metodiev

    Lieutenant Colonel Metodi Metodiev, EDA Project Officer Deployability, Bulgarian Armed Forces

  • How multimodality is currently done in Europe
  • How to optimise the use of European infrastructure and transportation assets
  • What are the advantages of a hub system?
  • 11:50 The Northern Route: Multimodal Logistic Solutions for ISAF

    Dennis Gliznoutsa

    Dennis Gliznoutsa, Vice President Charter Business Development , Volga-Dnepr Airlines

    12:30 Multi Modal - A Solution for Afghanistan

    Alex Munro

    Alex Munro, Business Development Manager - Middle East, National Air Cargo

    13:10 Networking Lunch

    14:40 ISFCC: ISAF Strategic Flight Coordination Centre

    Lieutenant Colonel Albert Vietje

    Lieutenant Colonel Albert Vietje, ISAF Strategic Flight Coordination Centre, NATO

  • Ongoing NATO reform in respect to airlift coordination
  • ISFCC as the current Active Coordination Centre for ISAF airlift (excluding USAF military aircraft)
  • Efforts in progress to optimize with focus on: Sustainment, redeployment and avoid empty legs;
  • maximum support to Sail-Rail-Fly process and multinational charter
  • 15:20 NAMSA: The Cost-Effective way for Maintenance & Supply of Military Airlift Ops

    Dimitrios Petridis

    Dimitrios Petridis, Programme Manager of the Aviation Support Programme Office, NATO Maintenance and Supply Agency

  • FWA involvement: Unscheduled DLM & Battle Damage Repairs for C-130s and major modifications for C-5,  JSTARS and KC-135 Aircraft to meet in theatre requirements; MRO & Supply support
  • HELI involvement: Phased Inspections, DLM and fleet wide modifications prior to deployment in theatre; Western types of helicopters / Mi -17 helicopters   
  • MRO & Supply support
  • 16:00 Afternoon Tea

    16:30 The Movement Coordination Centre Europe

    Colonel Christian Schmidt

    Colonel Christian Schmidt, Director, Movement Coordination Centre Europe, Danish Defence Forces

  • Activities at the MCCE
  • Harmonising cross-European airlift and aerial refuelling
  • Improving aerial efficiencies and sharing assets among member nations
  • 17:10 Spanning the Tactical-Strategic Divide: Developing the Capabilities of the A400M

    Ian Elliott OBE

    Ian Elliott OBE, Vice President Defence Capability Marketing, Airbus Military

  • Marrying strategic requirements with capability
  • From initial plans to delivery: What expected and unexpected strategic capability was delivered?
  • The full air transport and air-to-air refueling product range and where it applies
  • 17:50 Chairman’s Closing Remarks and Close of Day Two



    Business Development Manager - Middle East
    National Air Cargo
    Director Airlift Management Programme
    NATO Support Agency
    Commander, 46th Air Brigade
    Italian Air Force
    Commander's Action Group, 100th Air Refuelling Wing
    Royal Netherlands Air Force
    Director, Movement Coordination Centre Europe
    Danish Defence Forces
    Chief of Air Operations, Air Mobility Command
    Italian Air Force
    Chief En Route Medical Care Division, Air Mobility Command
    Vice President Charter Business Development
    Volga-Dnepr Airlines
    Programme Manager of the Aviation Support Programme Office
    NATO Maintenance and Supply Agency
    Vice President Defence Capability Marketing
    Airbus Military
    Senior Marketing Specialist - Aviation
    Carmanah Technologies Corp
    ISAF Strategic Flight Coordination Centre
    European Defence Agency Assistant Capability Manager
    Belgian Air Force
    EDA Project Officer Deployability
    Bulgarian Armed Forces
    JAPCC Staff Officer
    Commander, European Air Transport Command
    French Air Force
    Vice President Business Development for Mobility, Surveillance and Engagement
    Head of International Sales
    Alenia Aermacchi


    Site Visit to Pisa AFB

    Site Visit to Pisa AFB

    Hilton Florence Metropole
    5 December 2012
    Florence, Italy

    Hilton Florence Metropole

    Via del Cavallaccio, 36
    50142 Firenze Italy

    Hilton Florence Metropole



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